33 Weeks

photo 3How far along? 33 Weeks
How big is Wyatt? He is as big as a pineapple (19-22inches and 4.9lbs)
Health of Wyatt? Healthy and running out of room.
Health of Mama? I better knock on some wood, because I haven’t been sick since I have the flu…
Symptoms: so so so tired, extreme lower back pain, hip pain, sciatic nerve pain, restless legs, loss of appetite, and dry nose.
Weight gain? 30lbs…I hang my head in shame…
Maternity clothes update? I just gave away a bunch of clothing I can’t wear anymore…yup. I need new clothes but I refuse to buy them. Sad day. I’m making it work for the last 7 weeks or so.
Stretch Marks? It’s official, I’m calling it, I have stretch marks. Skin? Feeling pale and dry, but otherwise surprisingly good.
Sleep? Comes and goes. Mostly due to pain or needing to roll over.
Best moment this week? Officially switching doctors! I just changed OB’s at the very last minute. I really don’t feel like Dr. C would support my VBAC. Every time I went in, his staff would joke about my VBAC (they have all already stated they don’t support it, nor would they let me do one if I were their patient…). Dr. C would make comments about how he’s appearing in court to support a fellow doctor being sued for a VBAC gone wrong, etc…When I got my paperwork transferred over, it all stated I was a c-section. -_- So I think I made a good choice. Family, you can stop worrying! I will be at the best women’s hospital, not in my tub, having Wyatt. 😛
Labor signs? None but I dreamt I was in labor. lol
Belly button in or out? It’s now flat…on it’s way out. lol
What I miss? Bending over lol
What I am looking forward to? Finishing these last 7 weeks and getting to meet our little man! Seriously, it’s what keeps me going!
Weekly wisdom? I wish I had some. I need some motivation and a good cheering on myself at this point. So so tired!
Milestones? Knowing I’m entering the end of this pregnancy- mama is tired!! 7 weeks left!
Fears? Now that I have switched doctors, I actually have to deal with the fact that I am getting the chance to VBAC drug free. Which is why I think I dreamt I went into labor last night. lol I am not doubting my body’s ability to do what it’s supposed to it, but I’m not dumb either. It’s gonna hurt. And I might not be able to do it. My labor with Eli was super easy. So fingers crossed that Wyatt will be the same, and if not, that I won’t beat myself up if my plans change. What’s most important to me in the whole process is that I get my VBAC. The rest, well, the rest is just how I get there. I think I would feel differently if I didn’t have a c-section prior, but when you have one under your belt already, you get to feel a little trapped and nervous- not many options for us c-section mamas.
What I really want is a midwife, but my widwife has been down and out due to a surgical procedure and I’m too far along now to even feel like fussing with it. Maybe for number 4…hehe 😉
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27 Weeks

20140104-235416.jpgHow far along? 27 weeks 5 days
How big is Wyatt? He is as big as head of cauliflower (16in, 2.5lbs)
Health of Wyatt? Healthy, though more smooshed in there for sure.
Health of Momma? After getting over the flu, I’ve still got a residual cough and congestion, but feel good otherwise. Talk to me after school starts again #germpool
Symptoms: congested, tired, and sciatic nerve pain. Same as last update, but lets say all of these are WAY worse.
Weight gain? 25lbs…kind of nice to say that after the holidays and all.
Maternity clothes update? No new clothes purchased. Leggings and skirts are my friends.
Stretch Marks? I swear I saw a new little line pop up. :/ dang it!
Skin? Skin tone is uneven and very sensitive. But looks clear otherwise.
Sleep? Comes and goes.
Best moment this week? Entering the 3rd Trimester!
Labor signs? None
Belly button in or out? Innie!
What I miss? My back not hurting when I try to do every day things.
What I am looking forward to? meeting Wyatt and seeing who he looks like! 🙂
Weekly wisdom? It’s ok not to shower every day on your Christmas vacation 😉
Milestones? Entering the 3rd Trimester. 12ish more weeks!
Fears? Not being able to have the birth I want, and general fears of pain during the birthing process.

This week has been very emotional for me. Besides my personal stuff, I got testing results back from my OB.
I do not have gestational diabeetus- yay! But my counsyl test came back with some random stuff!
In the days before genetic testing, none of this would have been known to Barry and I. I guess it’s kind of a blessing- knowledge is power right?
But it’s also a curse because people like me worry too much. -_- Hello, Dr. Google!

So here is what we discovered about me, per my awesome genetic counselor:
For the fragile X results you have 20 repeats in one copy of the fragile X gene (this is normal) and 50 repeats in the other copy (this is the intermediate copy). A large study published in 2011 looked at premutation and intermediate carriers to see how often the repeat expanded. For women who had 50-54 repeats in the intermediate range, none expanded to a full mutation. For 5 of the 51 (~10%) of those women the repeat expanded to a premutation. For 13 of the 51 women (26%) the repeats were unstable, meaning they either got a bigger or smaller, with an average increase in size of 5 repeats and an average decrease in size of 8-9 repeats. So we would not expect any child you have to have fragile X. Your son would have a 50% chance of inheriting the copy with the intermediate allele and then about a 10% chance of it expanding to a premutation – this together means about a 5% risk for him to have a premutation). If he the intermediate copy or it expanded to a premutation then his daughters would inherit it from him and depending on the number of repeats they had may or may not be at risk for a child with fragile X. I hope that makes sense. If you have questions let me know.
It also looks like you were found to have 2 copies of the H63D mutation in the hemochromatosis gene. The report has a summary of hemochromatosis for you. Most people with two mutations in this gene never have any symptoms of hemochromatosis. For people with 2 copies of the H63D mutation less than 0.5-2% ever develop iron overload. I would recommend a transferrin-iron saturation level from time to time to monitor your iron levels.
You also had one copy of the E429S (more commonly known has the A1296C variant) in the MTHFR gene. This is a very common variant and one copy is not associated with any problems.
I think they were talking about testing your husband more from the perspective of the other findings than the fragile X results to see if he was a carrier of a hemochromatosis variant or MTHFR variant that you both could pass on to a child (though that wouldn’t make me too worried).

What does it all mean? Well, until she wrote me to let me know her findings, it meant I flipped out about the possibility of Wyatt having Fragile x. Because I’m hormonal and pregnant.
Then it meant that her awesome explanation gave me peace of mind. Wyatt is fine and would be fine no matter what. But it is kind of crazy to know these things about myself. As our genetic counselor said, “You guys are just swimming in all kinds of genetic stuff over there!” Yup! Between Ds, CAH, Fragile x, MTHFR and Hemochromatosis, we got it all covered. lol

So that’s the update for the week. I really did begin to write this when I was exactly 27 weeks. And now I’m closer to 28 weeks. Such is life, I guess! 😉

24ish Weeks

Let’s pretend this is my 24 week picture. I’m actually 24.5 weeks today…and I’m carrying my leech baby, I have no makeup on, and my hair is in a pony tail because leech baby keeps pulling it.
This is what 24 weeks looks like when you have two small children, a sick husband, a sick toddler and it’s the last week of school before Christmas break. #reallife
How far along? 24.5 weeks
How big is Wyatt? He is as big as an eggplant (9in, 1.7lbs)
Health of Wyatt? Doing well! Busy moving and poking me.
Health of Momma? I feel well. No illness (knock on wood). But with everyone else getting sick, I know it’s coming…
Symptoms: congested, tired, and sciatic nerve pain.
Weight gain? I’m embarrassed…a total of 25lbs! I’m gaining like crazy and feeling yucky about it 😦 Despite my best eating efforts.
Maternity clothes update? No new clothes purchased. Lots of leggings and shirts 🙂
Stretch Marks? None, even though I’m huge. I’m using bio-oil and cera ve lotion. We shall see!
Skin? Skin tone is uneven and very sensitive. But looks clear otherwise.
Sleep? Like a rock this week. I’ve been so tired, I just pass out and don’t hear anything. When I wake, I don’t feel well rested. Guess that’s normal at this point.
Best moment this week? Meeting with our doula to come up with a plan. See below.
Labor signs? None
Belly button in or out? Innie!
What I miss? Bending over with ease. Getting harder these days. lol
What I am looking forward to? My meeting with our midwives this week.
Weekly wisdom? Just taking it one day at a time. Enjoying my kiddos and being pregnant.
Milestones? 24 weeks! Officially viable, though we definitely want him to stay in there and bake for much longer.
Fears? Being a mama to 3 under two. Kind of messing with my head, in a good way, but still. lol

Updates: We met with our doula Monday night and we are working on a plan. 🙂 I know my last post about VBAC’s wasn’t super encouraging. I’m still struggling with how I feel about it all, which I think is normal.
When I begin to panic about what could go wrong in a home birth situation, or even a hospital VBAC situation, I have to remind myself that just as many things can go wrong during a repeat c-section. I know many people who would disagree…we put a lot of trust in our surgical option. It’s normal and accepted. And Dr. C is an amazing OB so I know we would be taken care of. But the fact of the matter is, there are still risks. You wouldn’t be signing paperwork that says you won’t sue the hospital, or be restricted on video/who can come into the OR during the surgery if there weren’t risks.

That being said, my OB still insists he will let me VBAC. I am going to meet with midwives this week and then let my doctor know of my intentions. If he won’t agree to an actual VBAC plan, and find an OB to sit with my while I labor, then we will follow through with our home birth option.
Everything looks good for us. I’m a good candidate. Wyatt is head down and I feel good.

So here’s the plan:
-Talk to a midwife and birthing center (found two midwives and one birthing center that would work with me…kind of sad that’s all I found considering we live in Houston…), get their professional opinion on the situation and make a plan.
-Continue to see Dr. C for regular check ups.

We will be doing Rebozo Sifting to relax me, relieve back pain and keep Wyatt happy in his head down position.
We tried it last night for the first time- it was funny and helped a ton!

Bottom line is I’m prepared for both birthing options and I’m ok with them.

So that’s the update! Not a lot has been finalized, but I feel very comfortable moving forward. Best laid plans… 😉
I will update when I know more. 🙂 hope everyone had a good weekend!