Ear Tubes


Yesterday Eli had his surgery to have ear tubes placed. It was a lot better than I expected. The wait was long, and I was stressed about how hungry Eli would be. My anxiety began to rub off on Eli and he got fussy. Crazy how that works…and what’s sad is I wanted to just hold him and comfort him and take in the last few moments before the surgery. Nope. He pushed me away, arched his back and cried. Mom of the year.
Good thing Barry is so calm all the time- he took Eli and walked him around the hospital. That man is the baby whisperer. At one point, Barry walked by me and I smiled up at Eli and said, “Hi”. He turned, looked at me and promptly began to cry again. LOL

Anyway, the surgery was quick. It was surreal. We went to recovery and he was happily eating. All the way home he smiled. We thought we would be able to make a day of it since he seemed in such good spirits.
As soon as we got home, the tantrums and pouting began.

He slept on and off all day. Between naps, he cried and pouted. I felt so bad for him.
But mama got her cuddles, so that was nice.
Thank you to everyone who prayed and thought about us yesterday. Eli is in good spirits today. 🙂

We scheduled his ABR to see how the tubes have helped his hearing for the first part of March. Praying and hoping for a positive outcome.

blah blah blah

For whatever reason, I can’t get LJ to pull up at all today. Yay.
Anyway, I am feeling really good today and I have no pain! I took my pain meds yesterday to avoid pain, and did just fine. But when I took my second dose, it made me feel terrible…dizzy and like I was going to throw up. 😦 So I had to sleep it off and I missed my overnight dosage. But when I woke up this morning, no pain, so I am going to try not to take those meds. Yuck!
I’d like to work on some of my continuing education hours but I can’t log in to Moodle outside of the CISD network. So maybe next week I will spend some time up at the school working. There are only 19 more days until inservice starts! I can’t believe it!

Had a rep from The Woodlands Township show up today to take pictures of the house. We applied to change the color of our siding. Its kind of lame that you even have to do that…since it is our house and we own it. But rules are rules I guess.
This led to the guy going into the backyard to discover that we have a rock pathway, awning, and deck that were never applied for. I told him it was all there before we moved into the house 2 years ago (at least…the pathway was. lol).
He didn’t sound too worried about it. He took pictures and did all the measurements for me. He is mailing me the application this week and all I really have to do is fill it out and send it back in. The only concern is the edge of the deck. It is super close to our neighbor’s property line (2ft closer than they like) and because of this it might be denied. However, we can file for a varience, since it was “already on the property” and with the way these houses were built so close together, it should be fine.
Still makes me nervous. I didn’t think applying to change the color of the house would be that big of a deal…or lead to issues with the deck.
*sigh* That’s the way it goes, I guess.
Even worse, we planned to work on the deck this weekend! haha

Anyway I guess I am just supposed to rest and take it easy today. I am full of enegry right now, though!! lol Time to read my book or something!!!

Post Surgery

I so did not think I would be sitting here ready to blog only a few hours after having surgery! Please believe me when I say I am not a blog freak so much that I am making myself do this.
I came home from my surgery, ate and forced myself to sleep…which lasted all of 2 hours because my body said it’s time to wake up! I don’t feel any real physical pain, and I am moving around really well. 🙂
I want to say a HUGE thank you to all my friends and family. Just WOW! I felt so covered in prayer and so loved today. My friend Erin even sent me some beautiful flowers! Everyone has been so thoughtful and helpful. 🙂 I am very blessed!!

Here’s the scoop:
I did so amazing with the IV, you guys would be impressed! 🙂 I only sweat a little bit from anxiety (we had a very long wait due to an overbooked OR) and once we had been left to wait, IV hooked up and all, for 90 minutes, I had no choice but to give up my anxiety. It was pretty easy, though…I felt so covered in prayer and peace.
I was scared of the “go to sleep” meds because they usually burn, but they gave me antibiotics first and that actually burned. 😦
They wheeled me down to the OR as they were giving me the antibiotics. Once the burning went away, they had me move to the opertaing table, and then put the clear mask over my face. They were still talking to me and each other…I breathed in twice and was waking up in the recovery room.
The recovery was much faster and easier than any that I have had before. Dr. H said it was a “light sleep” lol…I didn’t feel like I had been hit by a bus when I woke up. Just a bit “out of it” and like my mouth was too big or something. This faded very quickly.
Dr. H said everything went excellent! He preformed a D&C and a hysteroscopy/polypectomy. There were actually 6 polyps in there!! I could hardly believe and I am still in shock! But he reassured me that the issue was now taken care of and that we could move forward. These polyps were a definite issue and might have prevented my IUI from even working, but were most definitely the source of my mid-cycle spotting and a huge hinderance going into IVF.
It actually made me feel better to know that there were 6, as crazy as that sounds.
But I was starting to wonder how 1 small, 7mm polyp could be causing so many issues. It made me think there had to be something else wrong with me. I am so glad we did this!

The staff was so sweet and amazing. My pre-op nurse was very understanding and super gentle. She made the IV a much more pleasant experience. While waiting for my surgery, we spent a lot of time talking about TTC, since her and her husband just started 2 months ago. She is terrified that they will have issues since she works in an environment where she sees it all the time. She was so sweet and I can tell she wants this. 🙂 I’m sure she will get what she wants, because Dr. C is her doctor too lol
My anesthesiologist has been through IVF, one cycle, 5 day transfer and got twins! They are now 2 years old. It was super encouraging to hear her story. 🙂
It still makes me wonder about the 5 day versus the 3 day…but I need to just trust Dr. H (who was amazing as usual!!)

Anyway, I go back to visit Dr. H on Wednesday for my post-op and IVF consult. It looks as if we have everything in order and will likely be starting IVF meds VERY soon. I can hardly contain my excitement! 🙂 All of the tears and the frustration have led me to this point and I am happy to finally be here. He was very optimistic and ready to go. Post-surgery, I am feeling so much more confident and ready to move forward. I can’t even describe it. Thank you, Lord, for giving me the strength and restoring my faith in this situation!
We will know more on Wednesday about our time line and what is next. Until then, complete pelvic rest, no lifting (including vacuuming!!) and rest rest rest.

In other news, we got some of Barry’s labs back from the urologist yesterday. They showed low testosterone levels but everything else looked great. Poor guy…he didn’t even blink an eye at it. It was just like, “add it to the list”. 😦 Anyway, his urologist wants to do a chormosomal sperm test, but Dr. H does not feel this is necessary. It is expensive and we are doing IVF anyway…he doesn’t think we have a chormosomal issue.
He also did not want to touch the testosterone issue until after we have a successful pregnancy. It could change/mess with different levels we don’t want it to. Everything else on Barry looks good.
Low testosterone can be associated with sperm issues like ours, but is definitely a “quality of life” issue for a man in the long run. It can be linked to depression, low sexual interest/desire and low self-esteem. Non-perscription treatments include added zinc (already doing) and horny goat weed (already doing). So until we get the BFP, no testosterone treatment. Barry doesn’t seem worried, which is good and I am feeling so optimistic right now, I’m just going to roll with it and see what happens.

I met with an old friend yesterday from HS. I haven’t seen her in nearly 10 years! It was so funny to sit and giggle about how we used to be and how much we have changed.
It really made me think about where we are in life right now. I never imagined it in a million years! But here we are…and who knows what’s next? My life is changing so fast and I know in just 5 months I will be in a TOTALLY different place in my life. It’s crazy. But I can’t wait to put some of this stuff behind me and look back one day to see how strong it made me. 🙂
Ok, I am going to rest for a bit and maybe watch a movie. It’s not everyday I get to steal my hubby and have him home with me all day long. I need to take advantage of it! Thank you again, everyone! More good news to come, I’m sure of it 😉

Nifty info: Polyps