Making memories- just some home videos that make me smile. 🙂

Update on Eli:
He’s been on soy for 3.5 days and no real change. His chapped cheeks look a bit better and his reflux has improved but is still present. Soy smells, has caused some moderate consitaption and makes this mama want to research the effects of soy and hormones in boys. :/ But I have been encouraged to stick it out for a week and see what happens.
We tried some childrens clartin at lunch yesterday and it seemed to help with his stuffiness, but it is back with a vengance today so the problem is still not solved.
Eli remains happy and unaffected lol so I guess that is all that matters.
Any other suggestions, mamas?

It’s Wednesday already. Looking forward to the weekend with my boys 🙂

Milk Allergy…for real?

20130119-115942.jpgEli went 12 days off antibiotics with no snot. Pretty impressive considering in his 8 almost 9 months of life he’s pretty much been snotty the whole time.
Not bad but it always slowly turns into some kind of infection. He’s had antibiotics four times now. Not terrible but not what we really want either.

Last night the snot returned.
His little nose was so stuffy he was breathing out of his mouth. It’s never been that bad before. I wanted to fix it and fast! We just started using essential oils from source vital for sinus relief- they worked instantly. But still don’t solve the mystery of why he continues to be snotty.

I called his pedi this morning and she suggested it was a cold to which I replied he always has a cold. :/
What she suggested next has been bouncing around in my mind for a while: pet allergies or cow protein allergy.

I hadn’t seriously considered soy formula because breast is best and that couldn’t have been causing him any issues. Also I figured he would have more symptoms than just a stuffy nose.
Turns out he actually has 3 symptoms: congestion, dry skin (recently chapped cheeks) and reflux. I wrote about this issue before but clearly never revisited it as a possibility. D’oh!
He’s had all three of those for 8 months and I never connected them to a milk allergy.

So now I have a weeks worth of soy milk to try and see if we can find some relief from these symptoms.
At his 9 month checkup we will discuss the formula change and the possibility of allergy testing. Apparently infants don’t develop allergies to pollen and such until around 2 years of age, which would require skin testing.
Instead, pet and food allergies are tested with blood. 😦 and our last blood draw was pretty traumatic (but resulted in a full thyroid panel that revealed normal results so yay for that).

It never occurred to me that his reflux could be related to anything but Ds since its so common in our kids. And his stuffiness…well I think I let myself believe some of those evil doctors that said he was stuffy because he has Ds. I know his nasal passages are smaller and I never went back to any doctor that made such a suggestion but still…I think I held onto that because I wanted an answer.

If he has a milk protein allergy I will be happy it’s resolved but feel so dumb at the same time. 8 months he’s been dealing with these symptoms.
And lets not mention the freak out I just had over sending Eli to his sitters house- I became paranoid that her kids were getting my kid sick. So much so that I was ready to quit my job and stay home to keep him in a safe bubble where nothing can harm him.
I’m nuts I know. And I know they share germs sometimes and preventing sickness is unavoidable but seriously, I feel dumb right now. Mom of the year!

8 Months Old

20121228-133210.jpgToday our little man is 8 months old! i can hardly believe it!

Eli’s first Christmas was a success! We got to visit with family and enjoy quality time together. Eli really stocked up on big boy toys! We went from rings, rattles and teethers to little people, sit-to-stand and blocks. He also got a ton of clothes, which he really needed. 🙂
Isn’t family awesome?

Eli loved opening presents- his favorite part was eating the paper. Haha

After Christmas we continued to battle The Cold of 2012 (or The Hundred Day Cough). I wound up with a viral cough and sinus infection. Barry caught a head cold and Eli got my cough.
Eli seems to finally be getting better after starting antibiotics. Now we just need someone to come take care of Barry and I!
Being sick with a kid is the hardest thing. Ever.

In other news- the complaint I filed with ECI finally made it to Austin and I got a phone call about it today. Hopefully we can get someone to tell us what is going on and resume his services 😦
I already heard from someone at the office who was able to give me the name of our ST and said we would know who our new OT is by Wednesday. I’m not holding my breath but its progress for sure.

Speaking of OT, Eli has been rocking it despite the absence of services. He’s getting so strong and becoming more confident. He’s much more interested in being mobile and his upper arm strength is improving. He stands like a champ which is a surprise but so good at the same time!
He does his best work outside- he’s all boy 😉

We got his new hearing aids yesterday. That’s been an adjustment to be sure.
I have a love-hate relationship with them, but I knew I would before he got them. They aren’t as obvious as I thought they would be, (although they still have us stickers to decorate them in case we wanted to “jazz them up” lol) but I’m hoping at his next ENT check up in February, he will qualify for tubes and possibly not need them anymore.
The first time he had them in, his eyes were huge! The audiologist said we won’t notice a difference in his listening or speech for a few weeks but we have already noticed him listening more.

They are a bit of a pain, though. If he gets the aids too close to anything they will give feedback and start whistling in his ears. That’s next to impossible to prevent in a pre-mobile 8 month old! He leans on things, lays on things, falls over, touches them…heck, when I hold him on my hip they whistle. So I contacted the audiologist and we may be returning to have them adjusted.
As long as they don’t whistle, I think they will be a great thing for him.

It’s all a waiting game! But good progress none the less. 🙂

So I guess that is it!
This time last year we were waiting to hear if our unborn son would come to us with Ds. I was decorating a nursery and nesting like crazy. What a difference a year makes! I couldn’t imagine my life without this precious boy! Best Christmas gift of all 🙂

Hope everyone has an awesome new year! Can’t wait to see what 2013 brings us!