The dreaded procedure wasn’t so bad. It was very uncomfortable and I must admitt at times painful…but my first IUI was more painful than that. Which leads me to believe that Dr. N, the one who preformed it, didn’t do it correctly in the first place. :/

Dr. H was simply amazing. I actually didn’t anticipate him doing the procedure but he showed up about 15 minutes before. He just sat in the waiting room with me and chatted. We talked about my last IUI, IVF coverage and the Little Couple (who he knows! So cool!!)
Anyway, he said that it is difficult to find doctors in his field that are willing to slow down, take time with the patient and show some compassion. But with IVF practice, it’s all about slowing it down, so he sees it as part of his job. He complained that many doctors preform HSG’s and IUI’s incorrectly, and while I will probably have some discomfort, it won’t be unbearable. And it wasn’t! He was sweet and gentle!
One friend said her HSG brought tears to her eyes…wow. I’m feeling super greatful.
Afterwards, he showed me the pictures. He said my left ovary looks a bit swollen, but I explained that I have a cyst there, and he didn’t seem worried. The dye contrast flowed freely through my system. He said the uterus shape was good and my tubes were nice and open. He is a bit concerned about one patch in the middle of my uterus. The lining should look uniform and I had one patch that didn’t look that way. It said it was difficult to tell if it was anything and I reminded him of my u/s I had in May to check that out (Dr. C did a pelvic exam and thought I might have a polyp. Results: if there is anything there, my lining is so thick that he can’t see it and he doesn’t think it is am issue). So this may be the same spot, but IF it is a polyp or anything like that, I will have to get it removed before we cam move forward. I really hope it’s nothing…because this will delay our IVF cycle and require surgery.
I go back to see Dr. H on Wednesday to have another procedure done. It’s some kind of transvaginal u/s that will better diagnose if anything needs to be done, or if we can move forward (I think its called a SIS). I’m super nervous about this and I just want nothing else to be standing in our way. :/
I just e-mailed my doctor to see what he thought. I guess for some reassurance. *sigh*

I’m really missing Barry too. He has been gone and when he is gone and traveling he doesn’t sleep well, so he is all cranky and distant. He just wants to sleep and every time I talk to him, he has nothing to say. I just want him to hurry and come back home. Good thing I get to see him tomorrow. 🙂

The AC guy came and the damage wasn’t too bad. He had to flush out our system, which was gross to say the least. He said it was backed up, which does happen every couple of years, and it needed to be unclogged. This would stop the dripping outside as well as keep water from collecting in the pan. And hopefully discourage the rats!! No more water! lol
I was inside watching TV while he worked and I heard this loud gurggle in guest bath. I went it and it was like someone had exploded all over the bathroom! It was so nasty! There was stuff on the wall, the floor, the toliet, the mirror…everywhere. But it looks like everything was fixed, so that is a plus.
Nasty, huh?!? So anyway, I guess I had a pretty eventful day. I have a small amount of spotting, but nothing like with IUI…full on bleeding!!! And the cramping has gone away. So yay for that. The CISD website is still down, so I can’t do anything for work. Barry wants me to watch this documentary on food. He is becoming a holistic food freak. lol So I guess I will go do that and read a book. I know you are jealous 😉

Very little info on SIS, but this is what I found:
Saline infusion sonography, also known as sonohysterography, is a screening procedure that checks for intrauterine abnormalities to help identify potential infertility problems. When a sonohysterography is performed a catheter is inserted into the uterine canal to allow saline to be infused which enlarges the cavity and makes any problems more visible on the ultrasound screen. This procedure can test for congenital defects, masses, scarring, polyps or fibroids.
(Source: http://www.1to1femalecare.com/services-office-based.html)

With SIS, it is possible to visualize the adnexa and determine the size, number, location, and depth of penetration of fibroids. With hysteroscopy, the view is limited to the endometrial surfaces, and it is not possible to view the depth of myometrial involvement of uterine fibroids, although a global view of the endocervix and endometrium is possible and the cornua is easily visualized, she added.
(Source: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0CYD/is_3_37/ai_82879227/)

July 13, 2011

I had the worst sinus/pressure headache last night. It hurt to bend over at all, so brushing my teeth was special.
Anyway, I woke up with the same headache and now I am waiting around for the AC guy. If I didn’t have himcoming this morning, I would have slept in. Head=Hurt 😦
I took some meds to help with the headache and I’m sure I will take some more before my HSG.
Just thinking about this test is making me sweat. I know it is going to hurt. But I guess it’s better than a hysteroscopy. 😛

I will let you all know how it goes!

Complicated Day…

My plan today was to work on some of my continuing education hours and just relax after my little trip. So I got up this morning and worked in the yard (Barry is so sweet, he always does the yard but he hasn’t been weeding or trimming anything. Weeds were everywhere in the flower beds!!) so I weeded and trimmed and took the trash out.
Then I balanced the check book and got everything ready for the next pay period. *sigh* sad little bank account. Thanks infertility!!! 😛

So then I sit down to work and their website is down. 😦 Even better? It was hacked and all our personal information has been compromised. Awesome.

Which left me in my pj’s with my new cosmo. I read mostly through that until I found out that Jesse’s mom had passed. I’m so sad for them right now but I know she was in pain, so I’m glad she doesn’t have to be anymore. After 7 rounds of chemo, Luekemia finally took her. 😦
They will not be having a funeral, but a party instead. It’s this weekend and even though Tiffany and Brad are coming into town, I think we will try to go at least for a bit. My heart is breaking for them. Just pray for healing and peace for her family…they will be going through a lot of life changes.

I just got a call from my doctor. My HSG is tomorrow at 1pm. Sarah is going to take me so I don’t have to drive, so that is good. I’m greatful. 🙂 I’m also scared of the pain, but I know I can do it. And knowing the results will be worth it.
All About HSG
I will let you all know how it goes. Hoping this day turns around. It’s a bit sad.