I recently had the opportunity to test our new iPad for speech purposes- Eli has been working so hard to communicate, so we began to explore PECS and electronic communication devices to relieve his frustration as he learns. The iPad was our first choice, and we quickly got Proloquo 2 to help Eli tell us what he needs. It’s a slow process, but we are thrilled at his progress and at the promise of his being understood. 
The CHAT Bag was recommended to us shortly after that as an easy way to carry his iPad with him to school and out in the world. It had not even occurred to me that he would need help taking his iPad with him when he was away from me! What a brilliant idea! 

So what is a CHAT Bag?

Simply put, it is a durable bag that makes holding, transporting and accessing the iPad so much easier (and more fashionable!) for children and adults who use the iPad for their daily life and communication. 

Lori created the CHAT Bag for her daughter, and I’m so glad she did! Our children need to be able to communicate wherever they are- CHAT Bag makes that possible.  (Learn more about Lori and her daughter Hannah here:
45631256Initially I was concerned about Eli’s ability to carry such a large and heavy device. His gait isn’t the most balanced and he can be a little clumsy. I was pleased when I saw that he was able to carry his iPad with no problems. The CHAT Bag has several carrying options- handles, so he can carry it one handed, or a strap that allows him to carry his device over his shoulder or cross-body (or talk to Lori, I know she will help your child maintain independence any way she can!). Eli is only 31lbs, but he was able to independently carry his device using the CHAT Bag cross body. This is huge! 

Another thing I loved was peace of mind. He can be responsible for his own things, and it also makes me feel good about the safety of his device while he is at school- I know it will always be with him and easy to find.

During the ordering and design process, Lori (the creator and designer of CHAT Bags) was amazing and attentive. She made sure that the protective case that we already had for our iPad would work for her CHAT Bag design. (Our iPad remains safe in its protective case while also snugly inside the CHAT Bag itself). 

CHAT Bag is light and small- when it came in its tiny package, I was so surprised! But it stretched to perfectly fit our device and it’s case. The CHAT Bag can be custom-made to fit your needs- Lori is able to add custom features like openings for USB cords and camera, extra handles and carrying options. We got to chose from various adorable fabrics and even had the option to have Eli’s name added to the back panel. The bag is of the highest quality. It stretches to fit perfectly over his device and is quite durable.
It’s also easy to clean and has stood up to several weeks of use with three toddlers already (we share a lot in this house!). 


We have greatly enjoyed the ease of access this allows Eli and the ability to take his voice anywhere we go. The best part? Lori has graciously offered to sponsor a CHAT Bags giveaway*! Awesome, right? The giveaway ends 9/12/15 at midnight! You can enter to win one for your kiddo today! Simply comment on this post (via the comments section on WordPress, on Facebook or Instagram) with your email address and why your child would benefit from a CHAT Bag! You can gain extra entries by tagging your friends! 
Good luck my friends! And happy chatting! 

Check out Lori’s amazing products here:

*Giveway: $35 value (iPad 1-4 & iPad Air 1/2) or $30 value (iPad Mini) CHAT Bag- upgrades additional

Buddy Tag

Ok Facebook, you got me! You know how they have ads that pop up in your feed now? I was scrolling through when suddenly the My Buddy Tag product caught my eye.
I rarely click on ads, but something about this product made me think twice. When I clicked on the link, I was excited at what I saw!

My Buddy Tag is a brand new product that will be coming out this December 2013. I think it’s a great resource for any parent with small children.
The My Buddy Tag is a system that keeps track of your child should they leave your side. It is a personal ID system that is kid friendly and easy to use. Simply download the My Buddy Tag app on iTunes (it’s free!), sync your device with the My Buddy Tag wristband, and you are ready to go. It literally took me less than 5 minutes to set up.
They also have wristbands that contain your child’s personal information, should they become separated from you. Important info like, name, phone number, etc.

The wristband worn by your child is made of silicone, and has a GSP tracker inside of it. It also has an alarm system, should your child feel they are in danger.
You can personalize your Buddy Tag, and it works with your smart phone so you will always be connected.
I love this because as Eli becomes more mobile (and the number of children in my house grows- HA!) I will feel secure knowing that I can keep track of my kiddos…cause let’s face it, they get busy and they move quick!
photo 1

photo 4 Stories where My Buddy Tag has reunited families: Press
The tag system is lightweight and durable. Eli wore his all day and it didn’t bother him at all. 🙂 And look how cute he looks with it on!
I will definitely be purchasing one of these for Ruby and Wyatt in the future. 🙂
Thanks, Buddy Tag, for letting us try out this awesome new product!
I think everyone mom would feel safer knowing their child was accounted for and nearby.

Now I know you are all curious about where to get one! Just check out their website: My Buddy Tag….or you can stick around here because My Buddy Tag is graciously sponsoring a give away! (That’s a $35 value!!!) To qualify, please comment below with your email address. Contest dates are: 12/9/13-12/13/13!

Congrats to the winners!! I have responded to your comments. Please email me back so I can get those in the mail for you 🙂

Thank you!

Down Syndrome Book Give Away

Last week I posted on my FB and in a DS forum I am part of looking to two used books: Fine Motor Skills and Early Communication Skills for Children with DS.
Fine Motor Skills for Children With Down Syndrome
Early Communication Skills for Children with Down Syndrome
In response to my post, an *amazing* friend of ours immediately ordered a copy of these books and had them mailed to our house. Isn’t that incredible?
And then after my post, another friend offered up the same books for a giveaway on my blog!! So if you have always been interested in these books but never picked them up, here’s your chance!

Contest Info:
Winner will be selected using Please leave your name and email address in a comment below so I can contact you directly! EARN AN EXTRA ENTRY BY SUBSCRIBING TO MY BLOG!
Good luck!


I want to say a HUGE thank you to my amazing and generous friends! I love you guys so much! The way you love Eli and advocate for him, even in small gestures like this, makes my heart so happy. What am incredible way to bless our family and another. Thank you thank you thank you!