Buddy Walk 2013

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Our Houston Buddy Walk was a success!
Over 10,000 people participated and we raised over $270,000! That’s 117% of the goal for the year! So so exciting!
Last year the distance we walked was shorter, but this year we had to extend the trail so everyone could participate. Eli crossed the line in style- being pulled in his red wagon- and got his ribbon.
We had a bigger team this year, raised more money as a team, and got to see lots of family and friends. It was such a fun afternoon!
A huge thank you to everyone who participated, it means a lot!! Can’t wait for next year!

2013 Buddy Walk

This month is Down syndrome awareness month- one of my favorites 🙂
For those of you looking for details on the Houston Buddy Walk, look no further!!

We sold shirts sponsored through theidsc.org this year and I couldn’t be more in love with them. I had hoped to sell more, but given that I went back to work, have a newborn, am pregnant and got super sick, that didn’t work out as I had planned.

Our fundraising is nearing the end and we haven’t met our goal. If you are interested in helping, any amount makes a difference. The DSAH has been an amazing resource for our family and the community. We are proud to belong to such an awesome group.
Help us reach our goal, or walk with us in November! 🙂

We plan to arrive around 11:00-11:30. The lot is small and there are TONS of people. We will be wearing our shirts and will walk together at 1:00. Hope to see you there! 🙂


Come Join us, on Sat, 11/9, at the Diamond Lot in Minute Maid Park, in downtown Houston from 10AM-2PM.
Walkers can arrive by 10am to enjoy the rides, on-stage entertainment, the gift shop, vendors and delicious food. The walk is scheduled for 1pm!

Your involvement in the Buddy Walk, either by walking with us, or by donating, will help make a brighter tomorrow for all individuals with Down syndrome.

We will walk, every year, for our child, for us, for our whole family – for every friend that we have made at the Down Syndrome Association of Houston – for every one of their beautiful children – and for every new baby that shows up at our community meetings with their proud parents. We will walk and help to raise awareness so that our children with Down syndrome, are accepted as a wonderfully normal part of a very diverse community.

Buddy Walk

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Last weekend we attended our first buddy walk! The turn out was amazing (8,500 people!)- so many people, so many lives affected by Down syndrome, so many people there to support someone they loved. Made my heart happy.
Next year will be a unique experience because Eli will be old enough to play the games and run around with us.
So this year we took it slow, enjoyed the sites and visited with friends.

We reached our personal fundraising goal of $500- we actually did a little over $1,000! Pretty exciting!! Aren’t people amazing?
My coworkers all wore blue and yellow or their Enhanced by Eli shirts on Thursday to show their support.
A friend also got her office to participate by wearing the same thing and donating! Isn’t that amazing?!
So a huge thank you to everyone who donated, prayed, bought a shirt, showed your support, or walked on Saturday! We couldn’t have done it without you! Your love for Eli absolutely blows us away and we love you for it!
The buddy walk was a success and we are excited to attend next year (November 9, 3013!).
Definitely plan to make signs and make more noise next year! 😉

Eli was terribly sick on Friday with a cold that is still lingering today. Super snotty, a bit of a cough now, and he just started fussing with a patch of hair above his right ear (I think he’s going for his ear but not coordinated enough yet). Waiting for a call back from the doctor now. Everything I’ve read for treating a cold or cough in an infant is everything we are doing but if he has an ear infection then we need to take care of that. Poor little man!!
But he did wonderful at the walk and is still smiling today.

Next week is Thanksgiving, which is exciting. I love this time of year (not to mention the vacation time! I get to snuggle with Eli!). It will be crazy but it will be fun. I’m thinking this will be my first year to participate in holiday sales 🙂

Next week is Eli’s repeat ABR. Please send prayers for his cold to clear up and his test to go well. I have a good feeling about this one.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! Thank you again for your prayers, support, donations and love! 🙂 Looking forward to next year.