36 Weeks

How far along? 36 weeks

How big is Eli? About the size of a watermelon, 19-22 inches and 6.5lbs <–all estimates.

Health of Eli? Still rolling and stretching and still breech. But he is doing very well and has been active!

Health of Momma? Very very tired. Symptoms: right pointer and middle finger *still* numb, hands hurt, wrists sore, lower back pain, swelling in legs, feet and hands, sore ribs, lack of sleep, clicking jaw, sore knees…same symptoms, different day.
PIH panel came back clean, so that is a huge relief. I just have bad swelling apparently.

Weight gain? 27lbs total- lost 2 lbs

Maternity clothes update? No updates here- Not buying anything else unless it’s a top that can be worn post pardum.

Stretch Marks? None…yet

Skin? Skin looks good- little break out on the chin but I won’t complain.

Sleep? I am averaging about 1-2 nights a week of good sleep. No combination of things allow me to repeat this- it’s just random.

Best moment this week? Finding my diaper bag and finishing up in my classroom.

Labor signs? Not a thing happening. Cervix is clamped down tight!

Belly button in or out? Belly button is definitely out!

What I miss? I alternate between missing my old body and missing sleep. I’m ready to at least be comfortable again. lol

What I am looking forward to? Again, my free time since my due date got moved up. More on that later…

Weekly wisdom? Knowledge is power. I’ve had to work hard to surround myself with like-minded and supportive people. Not only have had asked my doctor to walk me through everything step-by-step, but I’ve been leaning heavily on family and friends to walk me through this with confidence. I’m feeling stronger but not quite where I need to be yet…

Milestones? 17 days left until we get to meet our son!!!

Fears? Still terrified of the surgical birth process.
Here’s the scoop: I went in yesterday knowing that Eli is breech and that I would have to plan my “optional” surgical birth. Meaning, if he doesn’t flip, I have to have a back up plan.
Dr. M checked me anyway- Eli is still breech and my cervix is locked up tight. 😦
Next, I picked the other doctor on my team and then was put in with the scheduling nurse. Originally, Dr. M said that since my cervix is not showing any signs of labor, and Eli is still breech that we could do a c-section in 2 weeks. Meaning May 9.
Can anyone say hyperventilate? I freaked out a bit…

My sister is graduating from college 2 days after that date and the following day is a retirement party for a much beloved person on my team at work. I didn’t want to miss either of those, and I especially don’t want to make my sister’s day about Eli.
(Not that birthing can really be planned, but this kind of has to be considering…)
Dr. M was worried that if we go much further past that date that I would risk going into labor. So we had to look at the calendar again and know that any date that is picked could be subject to change.
Knowing that we selected May 14.
May 14!!!! That is 17 days away!!!!
Insert another mini-panic attack.

So I will continue to be checked weekly and as long as nothing changes, that is Eli’s birthday.
Can you believe it? I can’t! It’s a good thing I am taking my leave in just 5 days because I have a lot of work to do in the next few weeks.

I really can’t believe it!
MJ promised she would be at my bedside and Dr. C gave me a huge hug. I’m not completely content with the idea, but given that I have literally tried everythigng to move my stubborn little man, this is where we are at.
Maybe knowing that will help me relax more and he will flip? 😀

Today I meet with my long-term substitute to go over everything one last time. I have a few more things to get ironed out but we are rocking and rolling now.

2 friends of mine just had their babies yesterday. It was surreal to see pictures of their little ones. One in particular got me emotional- My friend Adrienne over at The Upside of Wes. Her son is absolutely precious and I can’t wait to experience the joy that I am sure she is bursting with!
It was another blessed reminder that my son is going to be just like every other baby. He is perfect, he is precious, he is beautiful.

Can’t wait to meet our little Eli!!

35 Weeks 1 Day

How far along? 35 weeks 1 day

How big is Eli? About the size of a large cantaloupe, 19-22 inches and 6lbs <–all estimates.

Health of Eli? Still rolling and stretching and still breech. But he is doing very well and has been active!

Health of Momma? Very very tired. Symptoms: right pointer and middle finger *still* numb, hands hurt, wrists sore, lower back pain, swelling in legs, feet and hands, sore ribs, lack of sleep…need I say more? But all soooo worth it! 🙂
Strep B test came back negative, so that’s good. Dr. C ran a PIH panel yesterday because he is concerned about my swelling, so waiting to hear about that.

Weight gain? 29lbs total

Maternity clothes update? NoFinally bought some nursing tops and some clothes for the hospital. Also got fitted for bras- apparently eben though I still fit in my regular 34B, I am a 34D in nursing bras. Yay for that? At least I know my size and I can go back to pick out a few when I am ready.

Stretch Marks? None…yet

Skin? Skin looks good!

Sleep? Sleep is not really happening. 😦 Awaiting my maternity leave so I can take glorious naps. It’s going to be awesome.

Best moment this week? Getting a few samples from my baby shower- I’m not a total heifer!!

Labor signs? Started to have some low cramps- apparently that qualifies as Braxton Hicks! It didn’t hurt or bother me, but it was kind of neat. Dr. C checked me- no physical signs of labor or even preparing for labor.

Belly button in or out? Belly button is definitely out!

What I miss? Sleeping. Solidly.

What I am looking forward to? Being able to have some free time to prepare for Eli and get the house ready.

Weekly wisdom? Be flexible: I walked into my doctor’s office yesterday not prepared to discuss birthing options. When Dr. C walked in and announced that I needed to go ahead and prepare for a c-section I freaked out. Bad. Like…I cried.
Which got him upset. Basically, he is going to give in and allow me not to schedule a c-section because it will keep me from crying, but in the next 2-3 weeks I will likely have to do that.
He is not confident that Eli will flip, or that any method of getting a baby to flip actually works. He suggested that I save my money and not waste it on a chiropractor.
That’s such a difficult thing to swallow because I trust my body and my son to do what they are supposed to. And people used to deliver breech all the time! It’s like a lost art that scares OB’s inter surgery instead. Anyway, he compromised and said he would do ultrasounds at every visit to check Eli’s position and if he hasn’t flipped by 37 or 38 weeks we will set up a c-section for my 39th week.

That’s also overwhelming. 39 weeks…that’s in 4 weeks.

So if you could please continue to pray that Eli flips…and if he doesn’t that I have the strength to face what is ahead. We don’t want a surgical birth but we want what is best at the same time. Eli does need to be born in a hospital so that he can get the attention that he needs. But surgery is anxiety producing.
And Lamaze class didn’t help- she walked us through the process last night. Apparently your arms and legs are strapped down to the table. Hyperventilation anyone?
Either way the result is the same- healthy baby. That is my mantra this week.

My lumpy view…he is facing inwards and will often push himself out against my stomach. Now if he would use that energy to flip, I would be happy!!

Milestones? Last month of pregnancy! 35/35– 35 weeks or 35 days left! 🙂

Fears? Huge huge fear of a surgical birth…

So that is all for now. Wrapping my mind around the possibility of surgery, really wanting to prove my doctor wrong, and trying EVERYTHING the internet and my friends suggest to get him turned. Next on the list? Some more moxa, acupuncture and a visit to the chiropractor and a massage. 🙂 If I don’t try literally everything I will never forgive myself. 😛

In the meantime, enjoy these pictures from my shower- a little sneak peek from my photographer and friend Laura Hollander

And this video of Eli getting the hiccups. So cute!!! 🙂

34 Weeks

How far along? 34 weeks

How big is Eli? About the size of a large cantaloupe, 19-22 inches and 5.5lbs <–all estimates, since I haven't had an ultrasound in about 4 weeks.

Health of Eli? Still rolling and stretching 🙂 I honestly can’t tell if he is breech anymore, although it does feel the same. We will see what the acupuncturist says tomorrow.

Health of Momma? Feeling really well! I’m tired and swollen, but that’s nothing new. My wrists are a huge problem- I can’t feel the fingers on my right hand most of the time but there is nothing I can really do.
Eli has taken to being in my rib cage as of late. I wake up with numb hands/arms and bruised ribs. Joy!! 🙂

Weight gain? 25lbs total- I lost a pound! lol

Maternity clothes update? No update here. If I could wear yoga pants all day I would.

Stretch Marks? None…yet

Skin? Skin looks good!

Sleep? Sleep is the same. Numb arms/hands and now with Eli in my ribs and pushing on my stomach, sleep is not really happening.

Best moment this week? Being 34 weeks and getting my strep B test completed. One more step closer to meeting our little man! 🙂

Labor signs? No labor signs

Belly button in or out? Belly button is definitely out! lol

What I miss? My wedding rings 😦 I really miss wearing them!

What I am looking forward to? My last day at work! Finally got a lot of that sorted out and although it is scary to leave my kiddos and see how my paychecks are going to be effected, I am excited to have time to prepare. To get ready to meet Eli, finish reading some books, craft even!! It will be a good time. 🙂

Weekly wisdom? Two things- read read read!! I’ve really benefited from reading breastfeeding books, birthing books and Ds books. It has helped me feel better prepared to be a momma. 🙂 Second- don’t listen to anyone and their birth story! I didn’t realize how strongly women feel about their opinons on birth…it’s like talking politics or religion! Not a good topic. :/ I got called a psycho for stating that an episiotomy is not medically necessary and that I would rather not have a c-section. According to some people, c-sections are better, less painful and easy because you know the date your baby will be born. Also, we *need* doctors to birth normal healthy babies in normal situations. :/ note to self- keep these lips zipped up tight! The lack of confidence in our bodies and the birthing process is so frustrating and sad.

Milestones? Strep B test complete!

Fears? A bit anxious about my ultrasound with my MFM next week. I always worry that Eli isn’t growing at a normal rate, or that he will fall behind in growth. OR that he will find something really wrong. I know, silly…Anyway, I’m anxious about the appointment but I am sure it will be just fine. I am hoping that we will be able to begin developing a birthing plan at that point, since we will know more about Eli’s position and looking ahead.

So I guess that’s the update! Not too much going on…besides the battle of birthing stories. LOL Oh well.
I am now working feverishly on lesson plans for my kiddos, getting artwork hung in the hallways and preparing my self for maternity leave. Barry is worried I will be bored but I am nearly positive I will find *something* to do! I’m just worried about the financial implications… darn you monies!!

Hope everyone is having a good week- I feel as if my brain is fried right now- overload of responsibilities and impending tasks! lol