Moving Forward: 11w 6d

Scan went very well today! Dr. C buzzed in and buzzed out. He didn’t even take any measurment, but I am getting a very in-dept scan in just 2 days so that is probably why.
Today was my first all trans-abdominal scan, which was exciting! Goodbye icky wand!
He pointed out the head, arms, legs and heart. Then he glanced at the subchorionic bleed. He was very relaxed, said everything looked great and that the bleed was of no concern.
He will see me on Monday for a final follow up (and review of NT results) and to hopefully release me to work on Tuesday! 🙂 so happy!!

From what I’ve read of other women’s experiences, the discharge can continue for weeks before the bleed resolves. Our little peanut is a strong one and we are trucking right along.

We got a blobby printout of the baby. -_- they need new machines! Very much looking forward to the better machine on Wednesday.

After the visit, I ran home to get some meds packed up. I’m so proud of myself…I’ve been hanging on to my unused needles, IVF supplies and left over meds. I donated my needles and supples to the doctor’s office this morning and sold my left over Lupron. We needed the money anyhow and it was very easy to sell (though I had to get sneaky about exactly what I was shipping!).
So goodbye leftover pregnancy crutch!! This is happening and I don’t need those things anymore! Now I need to officially leave the miscarriage support group (hard, since I’ve made friends there) and get rid of my left over pregnancy tests.

I’ve started to scope out baby furniture online and in classifieds. Hopefully after Christmas we can begin finding some pieces and moving the room around to make room for baby.

Pregnancy symptoms at 12 weeks:
-constipation (likely due to lack of activity/bed rest)
-weepy/emotional…I cry all the time
-tired (despite doing nothing all day)

Ooo! My lunch is here! I love my family!! 🙂

11 weeks today!

I made it through the weekend and Monday with no bleeding. That’s worth celebrating! 🙂 I kept waiting for it to happen. But maybe this bleed is finally trying to heal up. Who knows? What I do know is that the u/s was still picking up the SCH, that the baby is fine and we have our NT scan scheduled.
I never thought we would make it to the NT scan!! I didn’t even know what it was until this pregnancy. I’m nervous but excited to reach this milestone. This also means I have been looking at Dr. Google to find out exactly what the NT scan will be looking for. This website had the best info: NT Scan. I did find out through some searching that 3 out of 4 babies with DS will not have a nasal bone present at this stage. We already saw our little bean’s nose a few weeks ago in the ER (their machine is so good!!) so that was encouraging. And while I know this test is not 100% accurate, I am celebrating the simple fact that we have made it this far. I am another week pregnant. 🙂

10w 6d

The machine my OB has is not as fancy or sensitive and I think it make our peanut look like an alien. lol But the office that is doing my NT scan has much better equipment so I am excited to see our baby looking like a baby in just 8 days!! I think we should find out the results by 13 weeks and will hopefully make the official announcement around then.
It doesn’t feel real. I still don’t feel pregnant. And last time we never got to experience any of this…so yeah, it’s surreal.

We have been discussing doing a gender reveal party. There is a small chance that we will find out (or at least get a hint at) the gender of the baby next week. But we didn’t really get to have a special announcement when we started this process. With the first pregnancy, we were waiting until Thanksgiving day to share with our whole family. We kept it a secret and practically vibrated with excitement.
This time around there was so much nervousness, concern and fear…and so many people already knew what we were doing that there was no surprise.
I love the idea of the party and can’t wait to start planning it.

May have to rely on family and friends for that, though. I started really looking at what my disability is going to cover and how my paychecks are going to look due to my bed rest…it’s not looking too good. I went ahead and made a new budget for next pay period with the worst case scenario- no paycheck for me.
I don’t know how we did it before…honestly. Barry needs a raise now! lol Seriously, though, that is the worst case and if we have to do that, then we will. I guess what scares me the most is the deficit in addition to the IVF debt. I know God will provide and we will get through this. But it is still scary. I’m ready to get back to work so I don’t get docked any more days.
All for you, little peanut. 🙂
Alright, no more worrying. I have a good sub this week, an awesome art sub for next week and loads of time on my hands. We have been fine up until this point (family bringing food over and cleaning and visiting with me, sooo blessed!) Time to eat some lunch and try to make the best of the rest of this bed rest sentence.

10w 3d

Had another u/s today with my RE. It went well. He had no idea I had a subchorionic bleed since he was out on vacation and I have been more in contact with my OB now. So that was interesting. But he gave me the most info so far. He measured the bleed and said it was only 1/4 the size of the baby and will likely clear up by 12 weeks (though I could bleed again), which is good news. He also said that at this point in the pregnancy I have only about .5% chance of miscarrying. More good news.

Next we checked out baby and everything looked good. Bub was moving around and looked good. We set up the NT scan for less than 2 weeks from now, which was super exciting and they are no longer drawing bloodwork for hCG or any other pregnancy related hormone. There is some level disconnect between Dr. H’s opinion and Dr. C’s opinion on med. They both want me on progesterone indefinitely (Dr. H said up to 12 weeks should be fine) but he told me to stop my estradiol pills and coninue my patch until 12 weeks. Dr. C wants me on all my meds until 16 weeks. They both agree that the progesterone will help baby to grow and push the SCH out. Also, stopping the lack of progesterone may cause the uterus to cramp and irritate it more, thus causing more bleeding. Yay.
So I will double check everything with my OB on Monday morning.

We also got some of my billing set up and cleared away. And established that I will be on bed rest for another 2 weeks until my NT scan. 😦
This worries me because my kids are going to begin falling behind. I’m going to have to write very detailed lesson plans and both of my normal subs are not avaliable next week. I need to make some phone calls. *sigh* I have deadlines to make and artwork to create. I know it will all work out but right now its stressing me out. 
Add it to the list!!

Anyway, this visit was a nice change. I wore actual clothes, instead of sweat pants, and attempted some makeup. It was a nice evening out. Haha scary when a doctors visit is something to look forward to like that. But my appointments always last so long since I know everyone and they all check on me. Such amazing, sweet people!

In other news, we have finally decided to buckle down and commit to some names. People have started asking if we have names picked out. We decided to start telling people that we do have names but haven’t decided yet, even if we have. I have found that if you share a name you like, people are quick to give their not so nice opinion on how bad your choice is. That can easily ruin a name for anyone! So we will keep it under wraps until we have picked. Not much someone can say when you have already picked the name, then its just rude! Hehe 😉

Names are hard, though!!! We have 2 girls names that really “speak” to both of us, but no boy names. I just finished Names To Live By, and 100,000 Baby Names. I actually read through both since I have so much time on my hands. Lol
Tonight we will spend some more time looking and discussing. We just can’t agree on anything. We will see. Hopefully one of these names on my ever growing boys list will speak to us!

I guess that is it for now. I just finished Private Practice, watching one of the characters begin IVF. They made her a crazy hormonal mess on the meds! Lol

Hello, couch! Just you and me tonight! I wonder who will come to babysit us next week? 🙂