Thank You

I just got back from watching the Texans game with my family.

Go Texans!!!
~20 weeks 4 days~

It was big fun and not just because we won 😉
My husband’s voice is now hoarse from excited yelling and I am stuffed full of football party foods. I ate a bunch of cornbread with honey hoping the sugar would get baby moving around, but he wouldn’t cooperate as usual (he started moving after we left!). haha My mom and meme sat on the floor with me rubbing my tummy trying to feel him. He was shy but gave a few little kicks.

We chatted about, well, just stuff. Then we spent the rest of the time talking about DS and our excitement to meet baby (thank you to my new friends who sent me some awesome resources…I have already begun a very big list of questions!).
What I want to say at this point is that I am simply blown away by the number of people who have reached out to us. Not just personally or even on my FB…but the out-pouring of love from people I don’t even know. My blog has had more activity than almost ever because of the complete strangers who have reached out to love on us.
We certainly are not alone. God is showing us His unconditional love through the support of everyone our unborn son has already touched.

Some new questions:
-What is the risk of stillbirth?? I’ve suddenly been seeing this word in my DS research and it scares me!
-Any suggestions for online groups? 🙂

-Mild swelling in hands and feet when standing too long
-Map of blue veins now appears on the sides of my tummy!
-Sniffly nose
-Sore ab muscles and belly button (and he’s going to grow more!!)

I’m pretty sure we have decided on his name!! (And his siblings yet to come haha) But I don’t know if I am ready to reveal it yet. Barry feels 100% about the name. It hasn’t been on many of our lists, but we went a different direction once we found out his diagnosis. I don’t know if I just anticipated the name we liked best for a different child or if I feel that because of his diagnosis he deserves a different name. So I think I need to work through that part emotionally before I am ready to spill the beans.

Neat Stuff

I am 100% convinced I finally felt the baby kick! It’s such a weird thing to even write…
It started about 2 weeks ago. It seems that the only time I really feel it is when I am flat on my back at night in bed. I have to be focused on it, too. 2 weeks ago it felt like gas bubbles, so I wasn’t sure. It didn’t happen every time and it was so similiar to being gassy that I silently hoped it was baby but knew it could be a pregnancy symptom. hehe
Last night and this morning were the first times it not only felt like gas bubbles, but also like someone had gently poked me. So cool!
I gushed to Barry about it this morning, and spent a long time in bed trying to feel it again. No luck! But it was neat while it lasted. It’s starting to get real…with my lack of symptoms (any of which could be written off as something else) it’s been easy to forget that I am actually pregnant.
I can’t wait until I can share those little flutters with Barry. 🙂

Now that I am thinking about it…symptoms. Hmm…let’s see.
-weigh gain
-ocassional headaches
-stuffy nose
-achey heels/feet
That’s about it. The weight gain is the biggest one. The others are pretty minor. I stand all day, so that is why my feet hurt. It’s cold and flu season and I am known for my allergy problems, so that explains pretty much everything else. And then there is weight gain. *sigh* Yeah…I just keep watching that number on the scale go up and up! It’s just so funny how different people carry so differently. I have a friend who is 20 weeks and she barely looks pregnant at all! I have another friend who is 2 weeks behind me and she looks way more pregnant than I do…like 6 months pregnant. lol Just so funny how it all works out.

We have made little progress with names. Tossed around a few middle names, but still disagree on “the one”. I think it will be easier once we know the gender. That way we can at least get rid of half of the names. haha
Barry likes one name, while I feel very strongly about another. I think we need to give it some time so we can both decide what feels right.

I have only 7 more days of school left, and then we get 2 weeks off for the holidays. I plan to use them to sleep and shop.
Christmas lights never got hung up. And while it is only Dec 8th, I don’t see much of a point anymore. I’m sad about it, but timing just wasn’t on our side this year. Barry got sick and the weather kept him off the roof. There is always next year.

I have my next appointment on Monday. My mom is going to come with me, she is very excited. We may get my doctor to check to see if they can peek between those tiny little legs, but if not I will wait for my 19 week ultrasound.
I know he wants to start me on a different kind of progesterone oil…not too thrilled about that one, but I will do whatever they think is best. I guess we will discuss it more at my appointment. Oh, and it looks like my thyroid is being managed well during my second trimester, so that is always a good thing.
I guess that is about it for now!

Normal Day- What the What?!

It’s been boring around here. I’ve been trying to convince Barry to hang lights up on the house. Normally I do it every year…but now that I am pg, you won’t find me crawling all over the roof like I normally do. It is now December 3 and we have no lights up! Tomorrow it is supposed to rain and the next day freeze…so we won’t be doing it then.
Anyway, our weekends are filling up quick! If it’s not Christmas stuff, then it’s just fun social stuff. It’s nice to kind of get back to normal.
Over the Christmas break I plan to rearrange the designated nursery room to get it ready for furniture. My mom plans to come help me paint, so I need to start looking at designs and colors I like. Wow…that is pretty real!
We also talked about the gender reveal party a bit. I’m super excited because I know between my mom and sister, it’s going to be very nice.
I guess that’s it for now! I will take uneventful any day. And of course all our Christmas plans. 🙂

We have a list of boy and girl names finally picked out. Now we just have to pick one! LOL

BOY: Wyatt, Levi, Asher, Walker, Brody
GIRL: Harper, Rubie
Hope everyone is doing well!