Busy Newmans

Busy seems to be the new theme of our family. Things have been picking up around here. I get to work in Ruby’s room quite a bit and basically we have everything except some decorative items. So I would say we are ready in that sense.
I packed her bags yesterday but I’m sure I’ve forgotten something.

We appreciate everyone’s prayers for sweet Ruby roo and her birth mom. Things are looking up and we have full confidence that everything will be good. Her birth will be emotional but also such an amazing day. Continue to cover the birth mom in prayer. She’s amazing and what she is doing for us and Ruby is incredible.

Eli is doing well. He’s pulling to stand on everything, crawling all over the house, exploring things around him, developing his pincher grasp, learning to self feed with a spoon, and loves books.
We are in the middle of a transition with ECI services so we are loosing out OT and PT. Not too thrilled about that.
Not to mention how busy we have been in general- it’s put a damper on our normal therapy schedule. I knew that another baby would shift the focus but it does concern me for Eli’s progress. He seems to be so motor driven but he speech and understanding are just under the surface. He gets frustrated daily when he can’t tell us what he wants or when I try to do hand over hand to help him.
We go next week to try on his new braces so that is a step forward but still. It’s the constant battle of making sure I am doing enough for him. I know one day I will look back at all this and laugh about how worried I got but right now, in this moment, I am trying to get as much out of each day for him as possible.

We will see Ruby tomorrow at a weekly check up but here she is in 4D. Little girl is still tiny but she has so much hair!! With Eli we couldn’t see his hair on ultrasound at all but little miss has enough to where we can see her eyelashes lol pretty neat.

I’ve been working on finishing Eli’s baby book and starting hers. So yeah. What I should be working on are lesson plans….lol Keeping busy as usual.
Hope everyone has a great start to the week!!

Eli {a sneak peek}

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Had a super busy weekend, so pardon the late update.
We went to my MFM doctor on Friday for a check up. Eli is measuring one day off (so instead of being at 34 weeks 2 days, he is measuring 34 weeks 1 day. No big deal). He is in the 47th percentile, so still growing very well. Dr. R did a BPP (biophysical profile) which was really neat. It took only a few moments. He had seen everything he wanted except for practice breathing. So he took a little sound machine that buzzed and made a loud clicking noise and held that to my tummy. I’ve never seen Eli react to noise before (it is something that actually concerned me, but I was told not to worry because most babies react with an increase in heart rate instead of a physical reaction)…but boy did he react!! He started flopping all over the place! We could see his little rib cage expanding and contracting! I was relieved to see the reaction but then concerned that it might have really startled him. lol

He weighs a total of 5lbs 5oz and is *still* breech.
The MFM said that he would give him until about 36 or 37 weeks to flip but that he would be unlikely to do so after that point- not enough space in there.

I go to my OB on Tuesday and I hope he will be as generous as my MFM with allowing Eli some more time to move.
My sister predicts a c-section in my future and I an leaning towards her thought…unfortunately. 😦

Not happy about that but I feel helpless like I don’t have a choice. We are so late in the pregnancy and I don’t want a different doctor- I love Dr. C! Even if I did go searching, finding a doctor that will take me this late and do aversion or breech birth is highly unlikely.

Feeling a bit defeated but still trying to send positive vibes to my little man. Maybe that will get him to flip.

In other news, enjoy these new 4D pictures of our handsome man- isn’t he precious?! And this video Barry took. I am so happy with the way these turned out- last time was a bit disappointing because his hands were making it difficult to see his face. Plus, I just don’t think they looked that great. But these are so nice! You can really see him now, and I don’t know if it’s because he is bigger or what but I will take it! It’s a sweet sneak peek to tide us over until he gets here.

I can’t wait to see his sweet face in person! 5 more weeks!

{Oh, and this video that Barry took…I think the video does more to show the full effect of how he will look when he gets here}

29w 6d

I feel as if my entire spring break was circling around today! lol Now the rest of these doctors appointments and meetings will be a breeze!
Today we saw Dr. R and he was quick but effective. I didn’t have much time to ask him questions and he was attempting to end the ultrasound when I asked if he could take a look at Eli’s face in 4D. He hesitated a bit but agreed. Eli is breech, facing inwards and has his hands covering his face, so he definitely made Dr. R work for those pictures. BUT he did get some pretty good shots despite Eli being difficult. hehe We even caught him smiling!!
Barry was there today, so he was able to get video, which I think gives a much better “whole picture” than just a single image.
Latest? Eli is in the 51st percentile and weighed in at 3lbs 3oz! He measured at about 29w 5d, so a day behind but that isn’t abnormal for any baby. He was quite wiggly and it made me feel like I had an alien that was ready to burst from my tummy at any minute! (It’s not often that I am laying completely flat on my back staring at my bare belly. Quite an awesome site- his entire head and body stuck out as if my skin had been laid on top of him like a blanket.) Actually, the more I think about it, the more active it seems he has been. Probably has a lot to do with the fact that I am not working so I have time to feel his little movements.
Anyway, it was neat to share the entire experience with Barry and my family. And since Dr. R seemed so busy, I didn’t get to pester him about muscle tone questions and visible down syndrome markers. It’s a good thing, I know. I simply got to enjoy looking at his precious face!

Afterwards, we went to the MFAH to see the King Tut exhibit and then spent the afternoon with my family. My sister is studying for the MCAT’s, so between her and myself there was a lot of test and baby discussion (She drops some super smart-sounding medical terminology, I comment about how much my belly has grown! lol it works for us). My mom surprised us today- she bought the family bassinet for our bedroom! It’s so beautiful and classic! I can’t wait to see babies being placed in there! ❤

God, You are so awesome and I am blown away by this life you have created! I am amazed that a human being is being knit together inside of me. Continue to to grow little Eli! Thank you for trusting us with this precious life. Thank you for a glimpse at his beautiful face today- we cannot wait to hold him and kiss him all over. What a gift! -Amen!

EDIT: A special thanks to Laura Hollander for taking our maternity pictures! She shared a sneak peek (the new picture in the upper right-hand-corner) and I am anxiously awaiting to view the rest!!! 😀 Happy, Ashley!!!