This Easter was strange and quiet- as first holidays away from family tend to be. 

We tried to start some new traditions in hopes of filling our time and engaging the kids but we kind of failed. Which should really be our new tradition- failure. Haha We tried community egg hunts- twice. And wound up with less than 10 eggs between the kids from both hunts combined. It’s brutal out there. My mom asked me if I remember going to community egg hunts as a child. When I couldnt recall she laughed and said there is a reason for that- we never went! (Side note- parents, can egg hunts *not* be fight club for kids? Kthx)

The kids did have fun and it was nice to get out of the house. We made plans with some friends here to have Easter dinner, the only thing I was really clinging to for a feeling of normalcy and we all got sick so we cancelled.

Easter morning, with all of our noses running, we hunted the eggs the bunny had left, ate candy and slept. I face timed with my family later in the day but it was hard. It’s always hard. And with my social media filling up with everyone’s family and food pictures, I just wanted to crawl back in bed and get a do-over. 

When we were in Texas I used to dread big family holidays. There. I said it. But it’s true! It’s not because of family at all. There is always drama. Stuff doesn’t go right. It’s a busy day of running between houses and carting tires kids around. But now? Now that we are so far from all that we know, I miss it all. I wish I would have tried to embrace it and enjoy it more. It was bittersweet to be able to see everyone on the phone and I’m so thankful for technology. 

We are trying to make the holidays special for our babies and put more roots down. It’s another way we are working to embrace Alabama and this new adventure. What I want to remember is the good things about our new Easter- our dear friends who showed up with Easter dinner, the kids excitement over their baskets and discovering eggs in the yard, the way we came together as a family and explored our community, and these sweet faces; because despite it being different, it was still good. 


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