In a whirl of emotions, I’m trying to write out the information I just received. It’s not any one particular emotion and the over all feeling is that I have had a weight lifted- so this is a good post 🙂 I promise. 
We have been waiting for this day for over 3 years…a step toward more information and understanding for our Ruby. Today, Ruby was officially diagnosed with ASD.

I know some of you aren’t surprised. If you’ve spent time around us (especially in the early years), you might have been subjected to the mess we were. And if you didn’t, then it’s probably because I cancelled plans with you because we were such a mess. From struggling to have play dates to just getting out in the yard so the other kids could play, every outting presented unique challenges and sensory upsets. But there is still a level of shock for many, including us. While ASD is a spectrum disorder, Ruby doesn’t follow a lot of the “rules”. Her history of sensory issues, emotional outbursts, and delayed social emotional abilities is what brought us to this moment. But on the outside, Ruby is very typical; she makes decent eye contact, has age-appropriate speech, plays with her toys, and can be very affectionate.
As it was explained to us, girls (specifically) like Ruby who are on the spectrum are not typically diagnosed until they are older, when they are beginning to have trouble developing more complex relationships and are presented with a higher demand for social interactions.

Understanding that ASD presents differently in everyone and that Ruby’s brain is wired differently brings so much peace for me at the moment. We have been given direction and we are entering a new chapter. 

I’m not sure that listing all the reasons for her diagnosis or the specifics of her diagnosis does much, if not to validate it further. I’ve always known (even before she was born) that Ruby would come to us with her own unique Rubyness. I just knew. And part of me was afraid but today I just feel that it’s nice to finally know.

Do you know someone in your life that has ASD? Would it help you to know more about why we looked into testing and what specifically had us concerned when it came to Ruby’s development? 


4 Replies to “ASD”

  1. Love that sweet girl. She defiantly doesn’t fit in a category or mold or box! I’m glad you feel some relief having a diagnosis. I know the wonderful mom that you are & know you will continue to always love, nurture & support her where she is.

  2. It took us 14 years to figure Tori out. Well to get to the root of her struggles anyway because I will never figure her out! I so wish I would’ve known more about autism when she was little and we could’ve had some early intervention. Like Ruby, by all outward appearances, Tori is a typical girl. But she fights for that facade because inside she is a basketcase of turmoil, sensory overload, skewed perspectives, and lack of empathy. She’s also full of genius, generosity, love, sensitivity, and crazy humor. I wouldn’t wish ASD on any person but I’m thankful it’s something we are learning to not only live with but to live happily with, especially Tori. We have good days, great days, bad days, and really really bad days. Sometimes the days last weeks and it’s crazy but it’s our crazy so we trudge through the tough stuff and embrace and sing praises for the good stuff. Thinking of you and your beautiful kiddos all the time!

    1. Awe thanks friend. I remember when you guys went through that and how hard it was to get to that place and get through it. I thought of you all when they officially told us and I knew already what was ahead. Still thinking of you guys even now. You’re doing amazing and providing amazing things for your babies 🙂

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