Wyatt Turns Three


Wyatt’s birthday was the first one to be celebrated in Alabama. It was an odd feeling…not our normal Newman party. But we had some company, and we played, and Wyatt was happy. That is really what matters. As we continue to build community here, make connections and build our world here, I imagine we will have many more parties that feel like home in the future.
Lacie brought her babies and a dino-themed craft (cause she’s the bomb like that!). We had cake and we enjoyed the weather.

Wyatt, you are our lucky little dude. You surprised us but we can’t imagine life without you. From your curious nature, to your all-boy attitude, you round out and perfect our family. I want to take in these moments and savor them. Your long curly hair, your sweet toes, the way you still some times smell like a baby, the small lisp in your speech and the way you snuggle. You love all things spooky, and all things loud and dinosaurs. You a have an incredible imagination and you genuinely love.
Happy third birthday, my sweetness. We sure do love you.

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