Christmas Home


My husband is basically a scrooge when it comes to Christmas. He loathes the music. Hates hanging lights on the house. And gets irritated at all the Christmas joy. (I’ve been known to climb the roof pregnant just to hang lights and blast Christmas music in the car alone because I know how much he hates it).
This year I tried to get into the spirit of things early- I quietly snuck the tree out of the attic while everyone was in the backyard playing…a WEEK before Thanksgiving. I know I know…early. But I was feeling it. As I got it set up I looked and looked for the hook up to get the lights connected but couldn’t find it. I had hoped it would appear later but it never did. So the tree sat in the corner for a few weeks before we got to it today…
Barry was pleased of course.
We played the latest hits station in the background (see rap and the sort…) while the kids tore into the decorations and helped get the tree looking good.
It’s one of my favorite parts. This year the kids recognized all the character ornaments that my parents had given us. It was really sweet (or we watch too much tv). They took a huge role this year in selecting the ornaments and in throwing them all on the floor.

Eli wanted to hang the beads just so he could rip them out of the tree. Ruby kissed all the ornaments and spun in princess dress. Wyatt played with every dinosaur ornament he could find.
It was really a pretty perfect Sunday morning.
When it was all done I wanted to start a fire and sit on the couch to bask in what we had created. But we don’t have a couch yet. And today is when I admit that I really wanted to make my den “home”. Decorate it more and settle in. It feels good to write that.
So tonight we will make chili, chase babies and dream about all the ways we can make this place more our home. Despite Barry’s humbug attitude, I think the spirit of the season is alive and well in our home. I’m glad about it.












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