Sweet Home Alabama

The area now known as Tuscaloosa County was discovered in 1540 by troops of Hernando DeSoto. The name Tuscaloosa is derived from the Choctaw Indian chief Tushkauloosa, which, literally translated, means “Black Warrior.” The Black Warrior River is the most important river in the area. It is an essential link in Alabama’s inland water system, which is larger than any other state waterway system in the country.
Ya’ll…moving stinks. Hard.
But, we are making it. We are here and like the river, we keep flowing and carving out a space for ourselves wherever the current takes us. Barry is busy at his job, and everything is out of boxes. The house is as decorated as it is going to be, though we definitely need more furniture and of course more canvas (because who can ever have too many canvases hung on their walls?). It feels like home and I really like our new house.

The behind the scenes stuff has been slowly wearing on me. I have been working hard on getting doctors, therapies, schools and your standard living day-to-day things set up. You don’t think about how much there is to do just to live until you have to make it all new all over again.
And moving a photography business? Well, let’s just say that I have been pushed and challenged in ways I never anticipated when I started this hobby seven years ago.

I stand by what I felt at the start of this journey- this is a good thing for us. It really has been. The kids are happy. The school Eli is going to is wonderful and inclusive. I’m networking and making new friends. My business has been taken to the next level.
Yet, I am still sad. I am still struggling. Each time I plug in here, I feel I am unplugging something in Houston. There are days I don’t think about it or all the changes or all the things I am far away from. Some times it doesn’t feel real. And then there are days it’s so hard to even get out of bed. I feel raw and vulnerable. My responsibilities call to me and I have to get up and get connected. It helps to have to do that. To make my bed every day. To network for my business and make new friends.
Tuscaloosa has been good to us so far but it’s asked a lot too. For me to be intentional and authentic. To choose friendships carefully. To push for what my children need. To take my business from hobby to career.
Slowly, I feel T-town refining me and teaching me. Slowly, I find myself wanting to embrace it- to lay back and float on the gentle river.
On the bad days, I will let myself hide in my bed and feel sad…so I can make room for the good days.

So, I guess that is the update for now. Besides the typical back-to-school-germs our house is passing around, and getting some things in place for Ruby, this is where we are at.
I will be here, warrioring on. Fighting for myself and for my family, wherever we are and whatever the river brings.





4 Replies to “Sweet Home Alabama”

  1. Change is never easy, my friend, but then champions (like you) are not afraid of what forces us to stretch & grow. It takes great courage to embrace change. Tuscaloosa is a place of champions & warriors so you fit in beautifully! We are so happy to have you on our side. Be brave, let the warrior within you shine.
    God gives us a spirit of boldness, you’ve got this! 😉 ….and we support you!

  2. Ashley, please never stop blogging about your life and your family. I love reading your posts; they are more inspiring than anything I could ever get from a book or even a professional motivator. Your posts are real, honest, and raw. Please don’t ever stop being you. I’m so glad our paths crossed!!!

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