Alabama Dirt

IMG_1529One of the first things I noticed about Alabama was the red dirt. Not initially. I was too busy trying to find things about here that I didn’t like. That first visit was so full of emotions…it was honestly a good trip but I came home feeling more sad and empty.
When we officially moved here, I noticed some construction by our new house, and immediately the red clay dirt caught my eye. How could it not? It’s so stunning. Especially in the heat of the summer against the deep greens of the wooded area that surrounds our home.
Naturally I wanted to go play 😉
I can remember playing in the dirt as a child. Wyatt is my little dare devil- he is all boy. I don’t know who teaches them these things…but he just loves all things dirt and silly and messy and fun. I found a little spot while out driving, and we swung by there one evening just for the fun of it.




These pants are big brother’s. The suspenders were worn last year for a family session- he’s grown into them! Last year they were so loose and falling off. We had to pin them up and keep messing with them. Not on this day! My how he has grown 🙂

So I guess this is my first official session here in Alabama.
I finished all my Houston sessions today…now the real adventure begins?
And like Wyatt- I’m ready to get dirty and play.


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