Rainy Days

Ah, spring!
Spring is a fickle thing in Texas- some times it’s humid and hot, some times it rains, some times its cold…it can change throughout the week and even day.
We play in the rain when we can, and it is especially easy when big brother is at school (one less baby for mom to chase hehe).
So I brought my big girl camera out and chanted my two youngest as they puddle jumped and explored.
You wouldn’t think that the street you live on is very picturesque…and maybe it’s not. But capturing my children in this moment, on the street they are growing up on and in the home we brought them to from the hospital…well, there isn’t much more in the world that makes my heart soar like finding beauty in those moments.
Wyatt’s favorite pair of shoes just happens to be his rainboots. It took Ruby some time to decide she liked hers. Either way, by the time they were finished, their rain boots were full of water. Their clothing soaked through. And their hearts happy. We went in to get warm and dry, but they spent the rest of the day talking about playing in the rain.
Soggy pigtails, small water droplets on their perfect cheeks, Wyatt relentlessly holding on to his paci, pigeon-toed feet clumsily running up the street, squeals of delight each time a puddle is splashed, and Ruby leading her brother to the next place she intends to explore in water-filled rainboots- these are the things I want to hold on to and remember.

I have to remind my mama heart: let them play and explore.







Ashley offers on-location, natural light photography in the Houston and surrounding areas: The Woodlands, Spring, Magnolia, Conroe. She is available for Family, Child, New Life and Maternity Sessions.
E-mail: info@ashleynewmanphoto.com
Phone Number: 832-771-7211


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