Family Easter

Happy Wednesday everyone!
I feel like very suddenly I have an influx of personal posts. But don’t get too excited, these are *nothing* fancy (for real….don’t judge me). I brought my camera out, but didn’t do anything artistic or inspiring to these images. They are just some simple shots of my family from easter.

We started the morning with an egg hunt. I have to admit that this was the most fun doing easter I have had in the four years since we became parents. I got their baskets loaded down (thanks to family and friends), we had tons of candy (which is huge considering we never did candy in the past!) and hid all the eggs the night before (so thankful the critters didn’t take off with them haha). When the kids woke up that morning, they were so thrilled to see what they had been brought! They don’t understand the idea of the easter bunny yet, but I am ok with that. We just want them to have fun and know they are loved.

After a family breakfast, we went to my mom’s house for a visit in the morning. The kids are getting old enough now to remember the way to familiar places. Grandparents houses are no exception. They get excited when they realize we are just around the corner from their homes. It’s super sweet to watch.
We hung around, had a great meal and just spent time together.

Being the rebels that we are, we skipped naps and hopped in the car to go to the next stop. My husband’s family is huge, so the celebration was just as big. We wound up doing an outdoor spring celebration. Once the kids recovered from their sugar crash and lack of nap, we spent the remainder of the day chasing them all over the property and letting them play with their cousins.

The ride home was bliss- quiet and calm. We all came home and crashed hard.
It was a great day to celebrate family and an even better day to just grab some memories without the pressure of being “photographer”. 😉
So again, don’t judge, but enjoy! This is my family in all our craziness!






















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2 Replies to “Family Easter”

  1. Looks like a fun day! I miss those days with the little ones. Glad you were able to enjoy it and capture the memories in your pictures, which, btw, you should never apologize for!!! They look great, “fancy” or not. They’re candid and honest and show exactly how your day unfolded in those moments. Therefore, I WILL judge you for being open and honest with the world, and you have my approval. 😉

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