Wyatt’s Second Birthday

This kid is all boy. Who teaches them to be that way? He loves his mama, his paci, Toy Story and all things dinos and trucks (good call Netflix, on the DinoTrux series. Good call). This kid seriously has no fear. When we go outside, he is the first one to go find mud, or start climbing something.
Yet he still has a gentle soul (even if the terrible twos cause him to have a temper flare up occasionally). He’s sensitive and kind.
These three babies- all so different and unique. What a gift to be their mother.
Wyatt, thank you for the surprise of your beautiful life. You have blessed us and brought our family together in so many ways. It’s incredible to see how far you have come and watch the person you are growing up to be. We made a lot of guesses as to who you would be before you got here. Some of it I could just feel, because that is what mama’s do. But the rest of it, you slowly reveal to us as you go. It’s incredible to watch and I am in awe.

As we celebrated your special day, you lit up. You blew out your candle on your own. You clapped for your cupcake and you “oooohed” and “ahhhhed” at every gift you got to open.
We love you so, little man.

Thank you to everyone who came and made his party possible. To my mother who decorated and made so much by hand and with love. To my sister who captured the whole thing with her camera so I could enjoy my babies. To my dad who brought food. To the guests who brought their love! You helped make it special and we appreciate and love you.



























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