Mr. Lucky- 5 months

IMG_1551.JPGAge: 5.5 months
Weight: 17lbs
Size: 9mo and some 12mo clothes, size 3 diapers but size 4 at night
Eyes: light blue
Hair: he has three dark brown, long Homer Simpson hairs mixed in with a thick head of short blonde hair.
Sleeping: 2 naps a day with one cat nap, waking 2-3 times at night.
Eating: nursing like a champ, and very interested in food. I didn’t want to start solids until he was 6 months old, but Wyatt watches all of us eat all day and he decided he needed to do that. So far he loves everything he’s tried, and had a reaction to oatmeal just like Eli did. We decided to skip cereals and just go with veggies.
Milestones: talks all the time, grabs and chews on his feet, sits on his own for a few minutes, pushing up on his hands, rolling all over the place, great little personality.
Teeth: none
Favorite toys/activities: loves to look at anyone and smile while you talk to him, likes his jumper, and to try to grab toys to chew on.
Words/sounds: ooo, aaah, goo, whoo, mmm, ddd, babb but no words yet. And officially babbling with his favorite sound- dadadada
Nicknames: Mr. Lucky
Looking forward to: him sleeping through the night!!! And sitting independently so he can play better with Eli and Ruby.


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