Summer Pictures

I’m sitting here in the dark nursing Wyatt and wishing I had something profound to say. Lack of sleep and baby brain will suck the life right out of you. #thankswyatt
Since making the decision to stay home, I have been very focused on my new mom job and finding a rhythm.
I’ve been working on ways to help make my day feel more meaningful (as if 3 underfoot doesn’t do it for me…).
But I feel like I keep coming up short.
I want to end my day feeling like I’ve accomplished more than the laundry (which seems to *never* end).

This, naturally, leads to many conversations about feelings of mom guilt and being able to do it all for my kids. Am I doing enough? Do my children feel loved? Am I challenging them? How many times did I say “no” today? Blah blah blah…you guys know what I mean. I think all moms have been there. We all worry about our kids and about our parenting abilities.

As Ruby grows, I can see our need for her ECI services fading.
As Wyatt grows, I can see him being the “little big brother”.
As Eli grows, I can see how far he has come and the person he is becoming is more clear.

Yet, it still feels like there is always something. Something to learn, something to add to my list of therapies or things to look out for, something to teach my children, something to worry about.
I have always found the 3 month mark to be a time when baby becomes a bit easier and you begin to fall into a routine. This is where we are at right now. Falling into our daily pattern. So I’ve decided not to muck it up with worry. Not to freak out about the small stuff, and to embrace this short season.

With that, I will leave you with some summer fun pictures. Because it makes the mom guilt melt faster than they can all load up on this page. Because this season is short and because, damnit, my kids are happy and thriving. Isn’t that what we all want?















3 Replies to “Summer Pictures”

  1. Love all of the pics! I don’t know if the mommy guilt ever ends. Even after 5 years I still feel it a lot. Just know you are a fabulous mama and your kids know they are very loved!

  2. They are such beautiful kids. I know well the mom guilt that whispers all the things we should have done, aren’t doing enough of, or are doing wrong. I know well the search for meaning in days that feel like they’ve been buried under laundry, meal prep and clean-up. Like you, I find my perspective again when I can step back and really watch my kids, see what they are becoming, and then just hug them close and soak in this time. It’s so slow, and so fast, as a friend of mine says. Keep at it, mama – those kiddos are blessed to have you.

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