Ruby- 10 Months


Age: 10 months
Weight: 18lb 6oz
Length: 2ft 3.5in
Head: 18in
Size: 12-18months clothes, size 3 diapers
Eyes: Blue, with a green rim around her pupil
Hair: Dirty Blonde- it’s dark at the root and going blonde at the tips. When she wakes from her nap, the ends are curled out over the tops of her ears in the cutest Gerber baby way. I love it.
Sleeping: 2 Naps a day and 11-12 hours at night.
Eating: Better! We still have bad days, or bad meals but it’s a huge improvement from before. She touches and plays with food, self feeds a few berries, is addicted to puffs and teething biscuits, and is more willing to eat chunkier foods and foods that are not fruits. We are making progress in this area and I am so proud of her.
Milestones: Cruising on furniture, transitioning from one piece of furniture to another, crawling #expertlevel, and less screaming. Still working on signing and babbling, while encouraging her to walk using the push toy.
Teeth: 4! She’s the snaggle-tooth princess.
Favorite toys/activities:
Words/sounds: Still mostly screaming -_- and cooing.
Nicknames: Ruby Roo, Roo-Roo, Queen Ruby
Looking forward to: Her 1st birthday! I can’t believe she is nearly a year old already!


6 Replies to “Ruby- 10 Months”

  1. Your Ruby is beautiful! I laugh when I read about her just being a screamer….I laugh because that is exactly how my nephew was. (We take care of my nephew 2 and niece 4 since birth) He was born under he influence of alcohol and nicotine. So naturally he was detoxing and GOD his colic was HORRIBLE. The worst. And lasted until 7 months.7 stinking months!!!!! Then he started crying/screaming for everything . and guess what? He is now a 2 1/2 year old that screams and cries A LOT. Pretty much half the day. The second his eyes open he’s angrily crying… So I basically just had to accept that he is for sure a type 1 personality kid and he has to learn and be disciplined 100% different from his sister.
    The ONLY thing that calms him is of I talk calmly but assertively to him. But let me tell you, kids pick their base personality the second they enter this world. So just be prepared for MOOORRREEE screaming and yelling as she grows 😦 I think God arranged thigs so I would have to learn patience and learn how to love a difficult child.

    1. Absolutely!! I 100% agree 🙂 it’s been a journey because I definitely have to parent Ruby differently than the boys. And while she is much better than before she is very temperamental and harder than the boys. Worth every second but my goodness she is a challenge! 🙂

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