Supplements Update

We’ve recently added a few more supplements so I thought I would update anyone interested. 🙂 The new ones are for thyroid support and cognition.
To check out my full post on supplements go to: Supplements
Here is our current protocol:
1- Baby ProBiotic
2- Coconut Oil
3- NuTriVene D
4- Omega DHA Fish Oil
5- Longvida Curcumin
6- Liquid Folate
Magnesium Flakes- to make oil

We’ve also added essential oils and elderberry for immunity. I’m a school teacher so I have to watch out for germies!


6 Replies to “Supplements Update”

  1. Do you still give Eli the Nutrivene Baby Biotic, or have you switched to something else? I read somewhere that its for kids under 2. I want to start Caleb on a probiotic, so I’m just doing some research and seeing what other people use. Thanks!!!

      1. Raw was one that I’ve looked at. Does he do the “kids” one? I don’t really know how to pick one over another, so I’ve just been reading articles, blogs and product reviews. Our pedi didn’t recomend anything specific, but she does think a probiotic would be good for him.

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