Ruby Update

We had Ruby’s evaluation today. The short version is that she qualified for services with ECI.
One part of me is glad. She will get some professional help and it validates my observations.
The other part of me is so so sad. Sad that we are adding more therapies and appointments and people to our lives. Sad that she is considered delayed and disappointed that perhaps some of it could have been avoided. But you can’t control what happens to your child before they are in your home and I have to keep telling myself that.

So here’s the long version.
They came to observe her and ask questions. Ruby was her typical self so they got to see most all behaviors we called them out about.
Because she does not babble or have any “words” she was considered “fail” on her hearing screen. But girlfriend can hear just fine (if not, over sensitive to noise). She also screened for Velo-Cardio-Facial Syndrome (VCFS). It’s just a check list and she got 2 out of 7 identifying features (speech problems and extreme behavior/mood swings). I don’t believe she has this but it’s part of their required eval. Either way, I will address it with our pedi when we go for our next well check.
More on VCFS
The two main concerns were her feeding and sensory issues. Here is how she scored at 9mo old:
Cognition- 7.5mo
Communication- 1.5mo
Social Emotional- 7.5mo
Self Help/Adaptive- 6mo
Gross/Fine Motor- 9mo/5mo

She’s a smart cookie but isn’t communication appropriately and her feeding is an issue. The two things I was worried about.

She will see an SST twice a month and get OT four times a month.
In 28 days we can have her evaluated for speech services, which I am sure she will also get.

ECI does not make an official diagnosis, they only defer to medical professionals. And if you have to ask me what I think, you would likely not smile at my answer.

Is your head spinning yet? Mine is.
If you could just pray for our sweet Ruby, our family and our dear Meagan who will be taking care of the kids while I am at work? I return to work on Monday and it’s a lot to process. I want the very best for her and I don’t want to be filled with worry about “what-if’s” for her. With Eli’s stuff and now Ruby, the day is very demanding and full of many needs.
Thank you for following along and loving our family! 🙂


9 Replies to “Ruby Update”

  1. Oh this has to be relieving in some ways as I am sure it validates your concerns and also mind boggling and stress overload on how to manage all that is your life with 3 under 2 and 2 with special needs!!!!! I can relate on so many levels. Please take time to breath and recharge. You need it and absolutely deserve it and never doubt you are doing an amazing job – just by being their mama – love really is the best therapy around!

  2. Oh Ashley. It’s always something isn’t it? I’m sorry that your head is spinning. You are a wonderful mom and your kids are amazing because of you (and your hubby). You can only control what happens now (not what happened prior to her joining your family) and you are obviously doing the best by her. Breathe…

  3. Oh cherub, you have so much going on. Having three little ones is in itself is a big enough task without any additional challenges! Take a breath and face things one day at a time – you will find the strength as you need it, as you always have… and if you can do it showered with clean clothes on, it’s an added bonus 😉 You’ll probably find that Ruby (and Wyatt) will benefit immensely from the ND program you put in place for Eli. You and your tribe are in my thoughts and prayers xx

    1. Thanks girl. 🙂 that really means a lot. I actually don’t feel overwhelmed. Sad. And maybe even worried might be better.
      I know it will all work out. I just want my Roo roo to be ok 🙂 and maybe a shower would be nice lol

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