Private Eyes

I keep getting alerts on my phone telling me my page is blowing up! My stats are climbing and I’m not writing much lol so hello! If you’re new to our little space here on the internets, welcome! It’s humble but it’s ours.

I often forget how transparent I can be. It’s a little silly because I worry about exposing my children to the world and at the same time enjoy sharing our journey so much. This means that people I don’t necessarily want to be in my life know a lot about me. Hi people!
It also means that if I stopped writing, I would potentially struggle with having an outlet or miss out on the wonderful friendships I’ve established through our unique journey. Just a few days ago, even, I got a response on my blog from a mom looking into ND. So it’s a great way to share, I just have to get past my own insecurities about it.

There is something about having a child with special needs that makes you feel more vulnerable than parenting already makes you feel.

We are in a fun but crazy season of our lives right now.
I hope that our journey can inspire you and connect us with others.
I hope that while I tell our story as parents, I won’t speak as my children or even for them, but with them. They have a story too and I know when they look back it will appear differently to them than I have documented from my perspective.
Right now, it’s just nice to share where we are. 3 kiddos ages 2 and under, Down syndrome, therapy, working, newborn, adoption, photography…it’s crazy but it’s our crazy. 🙂

I don’t have anything new to really share at the moment. Summer is fast approaching and my students know it. The kids are enjoying getting outside more, and I am anticipating time off. Barry is working his tail off, loving his new position and we are settling into a good (sleep deprived) routine.



2 Replies to “Private Eyes”

  1. Omg..I don’t know how you do it all! I’m impressed! I feel like working full time with ONE little one is so exhausting sometimes! You go mama! 🙂

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