ND Approach

We are in the middle of a lot. When aren’t we? And I start back to work in 2 weeks!!! 😦
Although I feel like I am becoming less intelligent as the sleepless nights continue, and I long for outside and adult conversations face-to-face, I still venture forward to new challenges. The world doesn’t stand still and neither do my kids!

We recently had Eli evaluated for a neurodevelopmentalist program and I couldn’t be more excited/overwhelmed/hopeful.
What is the ND program?
ND Program
Ds Day to Day
We are working with the science of neuroplasticity and how the brain organizes and processes information. It’s really neat!

Well, we are using MacDonald’s theory- MacDonald’s Work which I use with my students at work a lot.
We are looking at Readeez too which looked neat.
But mostly it’s a specific program set up just for Eli’s needs.

He’s got new sure steps, he’s walking with more confidence, he’s cutting more teeth and we are ready to improve his development with NDT.
With this new program we will be addressing some sensory stuff, vestibular support, patterning, following commands, reading, and general health to name a few.
The first meeting was long- a little over 3 hours. We went over Eli’s history, our concerns and she watched him as well as took my input to evaluate him. It was refreshing to shift our focus from what age he is functioning at, to how we can improve where he already is. Not to mention how loving and supportive they were.
I think this is a perfect fit for where we are right now. It gave me a lot of courage and hope for the future.

We talked a lot about the future. Our goals for Eli of course, but also his education. With our final IFSP coming up, I feel like our options are less than desirable. PPCD, private school or home school. The ND program makes me feel confident that I could look into options that might have been closed to me before. It makes me feel in control of Eli’s therapies and care. It’s exactly what we needed now in addition to his ECI services. Feeling so blessed to be able to do this for him.

The program is specialized for Eli and includes some pretty simple tasks. Lots of sensory- touching and deep pressure. Flash cards and music. PT work in addition to what we are doing. New supplements to try, a new approach to subclinical hypothyroidism, an osteopathic doctor, and acupressure.
Babbling and listening. I’m really excited to dive in! But it’s so much to think about too- and I believe Ruby will benefit from participating as well. Definitely will have to work on finding a balance with all this new stuff, same as we did when we started therapies or add anything else new to our lives.

It’s humbling to need help with the kids and I am so grateful to have it. Between Meagan, my friends and my awesome family, we are so lucky. I know we can do this too.

With going back to work, I’m feeling more and more anxious and disconnected. Looking forward to summer and watching the kids grow together. Such a special and fun time right now and I want to soak it all up.

Hoping to spam you with videos and Eli’s birthday post next week. Enough about therapy for now 😉 let’s have some fun!


7 Replies to “ND Approach”

  1. We have thought about this too but just haven’t had the guts to take the plunge. I’m already freaking out about Cam and school in a year and a half. We don’t know what we will do either. Yay for starting ND with Eli! He will rock it!

    1. Thanks girl! Yeah it’s so scary! I would definitely say check it out if you can. I think it’s great support for Eli in addition to his therapies. Who know where we will be in a year? But this is something I can do now.

  2. I can’t wait to hear more about it as you get started! We’ve thought about looking into a ND program for Caleb, but we just haven’t done it yet. What supplements are you doing? Caleb’s pedi doesn’t want to do supplements until he’s two, and we haven’t done anything on our own yet.

      1. I don’t know. We compromised with the pedi agreeing to let him have Enfagrow toddler milk once a day, so he at least gets a little more vitamins than just what he gets from his regular diet. We have some friends who do a long list of individual supplements for their son and another friend who gives her daughter Nutrivene-D. Both of those friends do ND programs.

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