Ruby Lee 8 Months

Ruby has proven to be our strong willed little diva. She continues to be a mystery to me, which of course stresses me out but I think it’s because I have 3 kids haha I feel like I am learning who she is every day.

She likes to be where the family is. She desperately wants to crawl but hasn’t figured it out yet. Having no words is a source of frustration for her as well.
She has transitioned from 3 naps a day to 2 which means mommy has no time for a nap any more. Sad day!

She laughs and smiles easily, and is very curious about things around her.

Age: 8.5 months
Weight: In March she was 16lbs
Length: 2ft 3in
Head: 17.2
Size: Size 3 diapers and in 9 month clothes
Eyes: Blue/green
Hair: We can’t tell if it’s going to be curly or straight- some times it’s got waves or curls when wet. It’s starting to fill back in and it currently a light brown.
Sleeping: She is sleeping through the night- 7:30pm to 7:00am.
Eating: Eats stage 1 purées but struggles with textured purées. Loves teething biscuits.
Milestones: Sits independently, inch worm “crawl” on the floor, loves to stand, gets in 4 point. She’s really trying hard to figure crawling out. She has the arms and legs but separately. Just needs to coordinate them!
Teeth: 2 bottom teeth
Favorite toys/activities: Loves to be where ever Eli is. Likes to bounce in her jumper, and snuggle with mama and daddy.
Words/sounds: squealing, screaming, and cooing lots of “a” and “o” sounds. Also started a fake cough and a growl.
Nicknames: Ruby-roo, roo-roo, Queen Ruby, Rubels
Looking forward to: Her beginning to crawl- I can’t wait to see her explore and begin to play side by side with her brother.

We are having an evaluation done for her through ECI. It’s mostly because I’m a freak who worries about everything. It could be nothing but I see lots of kids as a teacher and I’m slightly concerned. I distinctly remember knowing Eli would have Ds before we knew. This is just something in my gut.
Ruby has been through a lot over the last 8 months. We gave her a lot of credit when it came to behaviors for various reasons: tummy problems, adjusting and experiencing her adoption process, me going back to work, Barry going back to work, new baby in the house…it’s a lot of change. Not to mention she is in transition with her development- coming up on big stuff like new sounds, mobility and separation anxiety. These are really big in the world of an 8 month old. But I still find myself worrying about her development.
She’s not babbling at all. Not even trying. She’s not crawling or trying to pull up on anything. I know that this isn’t a super big deal- all children develop differently and she is trying really hard to become mobile.
But there are some concerns with sensory and behavior.
Some concerns: she has prolonged crying (shrieking) jags during the day, she doesn’t like her head to be touched, she startled at loud noises (familiar ones like the dogs barking which sets her off into at least 20 minutes of crying, which can’t be comforted by snuggling or distracting or kisses. Last night Barry turned the water on to add more water to her bath and that upset her…), she’s having texture issues with food and refusal to eat purées, she doesn’t always make consistent eye contact/hold a gaze or respond to her name consistently (though she is social with us, loves Eli and smiles and laughs).
There’s some other stuff but I don’t want to sound negative.
I am likely making something out of nothing…and I’m tired and busy. She could just be doing stuff in her own time. She could just be a high needs child and I’m just not prepared for that. I literally go minute to minute. I spend all morning calling her name until I’m satisfied she’s responded the way I think she should, or trying to make eye contact and hold her gaze. Then she has days like today where she almost crawls or makes a few accidental sounds and I forget about all these concerns. (I admitted I was a freak, so sue me).
So it’s best to just get a professional to come out and assess.
Not sure when that will happen but you know I will update when it does. 😉 some resources I’ve been looking at (because milestones don’t mean a lot and I threw those guidelines out long ago):
Sensory Processing Disorder
Achieve Beyond
Obviously these are Internet resources and I need a professional but it has helped me to document a few things and consider behaviors. And to think about how I feel about the whole thing. Most of me feels like none of this even matters because Ruby is who she is and that’s just fine. But a very small part of me doesn’t want to be “that family”…just some vulnerable honesty here. The one with so many challenges and special needs.
That’s not how it works though, is it? We accept it all with love and ask for grace as we navigate for our children. I just want to get my kids the best.

What’s awesome is we already have an amazing team with Eli and I feel equipped to meet her needs. I feel like we already have training because of Eli 😉 so all my kiddos get “therapy” anyway.
It’s been a wild 8 months and this last month has been one of the most challenging of my life. I feel like I’m starting to come up for air, starting to get a schedule and I’m loving being here with my family.


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