Oh Hello!

Don’t mind me, just drowning in babies over here!

It’s been a wild 26 days.
In the time since Wyatt was born, I have been more challenged than I have ever been before.
I think we are settling into a routine finally. Some days it feels impossible but most days I feel confident that we are finally getting it.
Ruby has needed extra attention and loving since Wyatt arrived. And I don’t blame her. There have been so many changes over the last 2 months that it’s hard to keep track of it all. She’s definitely my strong willed little girl but she’s also frustrated as she transitions into trying to babble and crawl. I think she’s feeling left out and struggling with independence while dealing with the fact that she can’t be immediately tended to anymore. Luckily, I’ve been able to create time in our day where each child gets one-on-one time with me (this also means mommy gets no nap because there is at least one child up all day long). It’s been quite nice despite no nap.
Now if I could just get sleep at night…I would be a lot more productive and motivated during the day. Haha

Wyatt seems to have settled into an evening routine. I get one 4 hour stretch and then he’s up every 2 hours until 7. The big kids are up at 7 so tired mommy starts the day.

The most difficult part has been balancing the stress and mom guilt. Thankfully the kids give me lots of grace and are teaching me every day.

I’ve had a lot of extra time on my hands in the wee hours of the night. I recently learned that there are Disney movie conspiracies, I’ve been researching MTHFR, and I’ve been actively pinning things on Pinterest as if I have any time to complete crafts.
I’m also in the middle of planning two parties- Eli’s 2nd birthday being one of them! He’s nearly 2!! I seriously can’t believe it. I have a lot more work to do but I did get invitations out so that has to count for something.
We are going to set up his final IFSP before his PPCD transition. I think I was more nervous about this months ago, but right now we still have a whole year before stuff is really going to change. Talk to me then. lol

What else has been going on? I think I’ve had a big adjustment period too. Not just with the kids but with life in general. I can’t just run out anymore. We haven’t even tried to take all 3 kids out anywhere yet. I have no time during the day to really talk to anyone so I’m missing my friends and feeling a little alienated. I think that can be a common problem for any SAHM.
Barry is gone from 5am-7pm M-F (when he’s not traveling) so I feel even more disconnected.
I know it’s all normal and I know it won’t be this way forever.
I also know that my blog has turned into an updating blog rather than the platform it was before. I promise I have some stuff in the works that isn’t all “I’m tired and here’s how we are surviving”. I don’t want to be a downer but this is where we are right now 😉

Therapy, conferences, MTHFR…it’s coming. Promise.

Until then, let’s end on a positive note. I’m soaking up Wyatt baby snuggles and enjoying my first “easy” breastfeeding relationship with a baby who loves the boob more than a paci or bottle. I’m loving the new laugh that Eli has adopted and his very brave attempts at walking independently. I’m overjoyed when Ruby looks at me with her stunning eyes and gives me a knowing smile. She tucks her head down and giggles as she grabs me for a hug. My children are the sweetest gifts and I’m blessed to enjoy this time with them.
Ending on a happy note because there is so much to be happy about. 🙂


4 Replies to “Oh Hello!”

  1. Hang in there, dear friend! You’re doing awesome, and it is perfectly normal not to have a social life when you’ve got little ones, sometimes for a few months (or years). Keep focusing on the positive because nothing else will ever compare-there is no substitute for little baby snuggles & giggles. Trust me, you’ll miss them when they’re grown. And this blog is all about you, where you are right now, so if you’re in survival mode, more than activist mode, then it’s perfectly okay. I’m more than happy to drop by to visit, bring some food (or wine) to share & give you an hand any time, don’t forget! Say the word, and I’m there!

    1. Thanks girl, you’re so right. 😉 my blog has change and taken on so many forms as the years have gone on. This is just where I’m at right now.
      You are always welcome!! That’s the problem with 3 littles, it’s not that I forget it’s that I can’t even find time to pick up the phone! Haha you just have to come 😉 and bring wine. Lots of wine.

      1. Ha ha, okay! I frequently pass your neighborhood, on the way home from work, going to the grocery store, so next time in the area, I’ll give your a ring, or knock on your door, with wine in hand! 🙂

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