How can I describe the chaos of the Newman triple threat?

This is a normal day for me: Eli need therapies, but doesn’t want to do them, so instead he runs away from me or repeatedly requests to watch baby signing time. Ruby wants to be where all the action is but can’t crawl yet so she screams when Eli or mommy leave the room. Wyatt is nursing on demand and doesn’t like to nap unless daddy put him down.
This leaves no time for mommy to eat or shower or communicate with the outside world. I’ve heard the weather has been beautiful. Haha
I did discover that I could balance all three alone. That was an amazing feeling. It’s still early but I’m learning.

So, here we are in a HUGE transitional period of our lives. The Newman triple threat is here and our hearts are full. But it’s still pretty difficult to write exactly how I’m feeling. Having just had a baby, my hormones are all over the place and I’m definitely not sleeping like I need to. While I am over the moon happy, my children are happy and I couldn’t imagine our family without any of them, I’m still feeling tired, stretched thin, anxious, and guilty. I guess that’s what happens when you have 3 under 2.

Going from one child to two was definitely more difficult than adding a third. Ruby added a lot to our family and it was a huge transition on an emotional and physical level.
Wyatt is a lot like his brother- very easy going, and only cries when he’s hungry or wants a new diaper. Plus he sleeps a lot so it’s not a big stretch from where we were with Ruby already.
The real issue is that the number of children in our home is greater than the number of adults. And these children all need something. All. The. Time.

Insert mom guilt here.

I feel hormonal, raw, and emotional. I want to be able to give all my kids everything they need all the time. But like I said before, it’s a balancing act. I can’t do it all.
Being told that it’s ok to let the kids watch tv so I can have a break, or allowing everyone to have cereal for every meal because it’s easier, doesn’t make me feel better, either. It makes me feel like I’m not doing enough.
Of course I know some things are just going to have to give. A clean house? Gave up on that. I promise I’m not rushing around trying to clean and make everything perfect.
But I do expect to be able to play with my kids, work on therapy for Eli, work with Ruby to learn to crawl and exclusively breastfeed Wyatt. I know. I’m crazy.

I know, it sounds super negative. It’s not, it’s just where we are at 2 weeks in and I think I feel like any new mommy feels- It’s normal and I know that.
On a positive topic, the kids are all doing well and everyone is genuinely happy. I swear. It’s just mommy who hasn’t showered in 3 days and looks like hammered poop.
While I’m stressing about Eli’s therapy times, he’s thriving and happy. We are working on listening to directions, and finishing an activity before abandoning it or avoiding it if it’s too difficult.
Ruby is so frustrated because she wants to be mobile. We are working on her crawling. Wyatt is working on more effective nursing and a better routine (can we say night time routine please?!).

Having three small children has been hard but rewarding. We definitely can’t do it alone- THANK YOU to all the wonderful family members and friends who have come by to help, brought food or just listen. You’ve helped lighten the load and loved on our kiddos. You’ve made meal times easier, or given one on one attention to a child. You’ve allowed me to rest or laugh or enjoy some company. It means more than you could know. Thank you.

The best part about having children is the way they love one another and the way they bring people together. Watching Eli mature and help with his siblings absolutely melts my heart. The way Ruby lights up when she sees her brothers would make anyone smile. Our home may be a little hectic, our lives may be a little more crazy but the love here is big and for that I am grateful.

I’m hoping to be able to write more soon. And to write about more than just “I’m still alive over here” updates. Right now, this is where we are at and I’m ok with that. 🙂


4 Replies to “#newnormal”

  1. It all sounds perfectly normal to me- nothing negative about it. Your babies are well-fed, have clean tooshies and know they’re loved more than anything. The rest is just icing on the cake. I was impressed to receive a handwritten note in the mail (thank you, it was really sweet!)You gotta take care of yourself too- Please feel free to call if you’re dying to take a shower, or need something from the store and your hubby is working late or something- I’m just a hop, skip & a jump away! And if you get sick of eating cereal every meal or too tired of take-out, I’ll be happy to bring our extras over any time! Just say the word. No worries! You totally got this. 🙂

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