Hey guys! I’m alive! I swear! And while a lot has been going on, I haven’t had any time to write…or gather thoughts…or say anything worth you reading. National Spread the Word to End the Word came and went. I wrote nothing inspired. My brain is baby mush.

We have been adjusting for the last two weeks to Barry being a working Daddy. It’s a great thing, but the commute and the time he has to invest has had a toll on our family.
He leaves before I am awake, and he isn’t home until close to the kids’ bedtime.
I’m normally happy to manage the house alone, but as pregnant as I am, I physically can’t anymore. The things that I used to value (clean laundry, clean floors, clean dishes, clean toilets…) those are a thing of the past. Picking up my children, or giving them baths? ha! My house isn’t clean. My children aren’t clean. It’s official. And it’s driving this OCD mama nuts.

Also, I’ve been drowning in photog sessions, which is AWESOME! This time last year I had no sessions. But I’m so close to Wyatt’s due date and again, it’s the physical work of shooting that has got me worn down. Plus, it takes up my weekends which is literally the only time I see my family.

With that, and some personal stuff going on, let’s just say that I have been up to my eyes in stuff to talk about. But nothing worth reading. lol

I had a minor freak out on Thursday morning when I thought I might be in labor. The doctor checked me for my strep b test and announced that I was already 1cm dilated and about 40% effaced at 36 weeks. Yippy! Except it doesn’t mean anything. -_-
I woke up the next morning with cramps and spotting. That’s how Eli came. But not Wyatt. He’s staying put.
Which got me all in a tizzy…I started to freak out about all the things I needed to do before he came. And then I realized that if he was coming, I would actually have to face my VBAC that I have been fighting for. Mama had a rough day. But, alas, Wyatt is still firmly in place and my desk at work is clean.

Nothing else new to report. Eli has been working very hard to stand, Ruby has decided that screaming tantrums are super fun again, and mama is tired. Hoping to find rest after this weekend, but I have a feeling that life with 3 small children means I won’t know the meaning of the word. 😉


3 Replies to “MIA”

  1. Girl, you deserve to be MIA! You have a lot going on! Can’t wait to see that precious baby boy! And Eli…you are getting so big buddy! Yay for standing!

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