Ruby- 6.5 Months Old

I am like 6 months behind but I love this update format, so I borrowed it 😉 Thanks to my friend over at Blessed by Beau
Age: 6.5 months
Weight: Last it was checked she was 14lb 5oz
Length: 2ft 2in
Head: 16.1in
Size: Size 3 diapers and in 6-9 month clothes
Eyes: Blue
Hair: We can’t tell if it’s going to be curly or straight- some times it’s got waves or curls when wet. It’s starting to fill back in and it currently a dark brown.
Sleeping: She is sleeping through the night- 8:30pm to 7:00am. Parenting win!
Eating: Not a fan of solids- she just pushes them around in her mouth and then spits them out. We are working on it.
Milestones: Sits pretty well alone but still wobbly. Trying to push up into four-point on her own now. Rolls every where!
Teeth: One little bottom tooth popped up last week!
Favorite toys/activities: Loves her daddy so so much, loves to chew on her toy rings and loves to watch her brother.
Words/sounds: squealing, screaming, and cooing lots of “a” and “o” sounds.
Nicknames: Ruby-roo, roo-roo, Queen Ruby, Rubels
Looking forward to: Her beginning to crawl- I can’t wait to see her explore and begin to play side by side with her brother.

The best I could get of Ruby trying to push up, but she was literally IN 4-point moments before. lol Little turkey!! I also got her special squeal on camera 😉


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