33 Weeks

photo 3How far along? 33 Weeks
How big is Wyatt? He is as big as a pineapple (19-22inches and 4.9lbs)
Health of Wyatt? Healthy and running out of room.
Health of Mama? I better knock on some wood, because I haven’t been sick since I have the flu…
Symptoms: so so so tired, extreme lower back pain, hip pain, sciatic nerve pain, restless legs, loss of appetite, and dry nose.
Weight gain? 30lbs…I hang my head in shame…
Maternity clothes update? I just gave away a bunch of clothing I can’t wear anymore…yup. I need new clothes but I refuse to buy them. Sad day. I’m making it work for the last 7 weeks or so.
Stretch Marks? It’s official, I’m calling it, I have stretch marks. Skin? Feeling pale and dry, but otherwise surprisingly good.
Sleep? Comes and goes. Mostly due to pain or needing to roll over.
Best moment this week? Officially switching doctors! I just changed OB’s at the very last minute. I really don’t feel like Dr. C would support my VBAC. Every time I went in, his staff would joke about my VBAC (they have all already stated they don’t support it, nor would they let me do one if I were their patient…). Dr. C would make comments about how he’s appearing in court to support a fellow doctor being sued for a VBAC gone wrong, etc…When I got my paperwork transferred over, it all stated I was a c-section. -_- So I think I made a good choice. Family, you can stop worrying! I will be at the best women’s hospital, not in my tub, having Wyatt. 😛
Labor signs? None but I dreamt I was in labor. lol
Belly button in or out? It’s now flat…on it’s way out. lol
What I miss? Bending over lol
What I am looking forward to? Finishing these last 7 weeks and getting to meet our little man! Seriously, it’s what keeps me going!
Weekly wisdom? I wish I had some. I need some motivation and a good cheering on myself at this point. So so tired!
Milestones? Knowing I’m entering the end of this pregnancy- mama is tired!! 7 weeks left!
Fears? Now that I have switched doctors, I actually have to deal with the fact that I am getting the chance to VBAC drug free. Which is why I think I dreamt I went into labor last night. lol I am not doubting my body’s ability to do what it’s supposed to it, but I’m not dumb either. It’s gonna hurt. And I might not be able to do it. My labor with Eli was super easy. So fingers crossed that Wyatt will be the same, and if not, that I won’t beat myself up if my plans change. What’s most important to me in the whole process is that I get my VBAC. The rest, well, the rest is just how I get there. I think I would feel differently if I didn’t have a c-section prior, but when you have one under your belt already, you get to feel a little trapped and nervous- not many options for us c-section mamas.
What I really want is a midwife, but my widwife has been down and out due to a surgical procedure and I’m too far along now to even feel like fussing with it. Maybe for number 4…hehe 😉
photo 2
photo 1
photo 4


9 Replies to “33 Weeks”

  1. Remember to control all aspects of your experience you can control and let all the medical, out of your control things just be as they come. That is totally what I loved about Ethan’s birth and I hope you get the same joy with Wyatt. I will still worry as well 🙂

  2. Getting close! I really hope you get your VBAC, and definitely don’t beat yourself up if you need drugs to make it through. I credit my epidural as the reason I made it through my first VBAC! I never would have made it without one. Good luck!

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