Video Spam

Eli’s Current Signs

hi, bye, eat, more, hurt, ball, hat, milk, please, thank you, cracker, tree, dog, bird, fish, giraffe, seal, go, stop, book, mom, dad, all done, wash hands, rain, sun, play, socks, shoes, car, grass, frog, up, yes, bear, bath, blow kisses.

Does: fist bump, high five, peek a boo

Understands: no, clap clap (yay), push, bang bang, open, close, row row (for row row row your boat), drink, juice

Says: mama, baba (for baby and ball), makes the “d” sound and babbles like crazy.

Can Identify: himself, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, tummy

Eli is doing so well! He can combine signs together to make sentences (“milk please”, “hurt mouth”). He’s pulling up on everything, he pushes his walker toy all over the house, he gets into position to stand from sitting, he gets into kneeling from sitting, he loves books and music.

Eli Dancing

Eli Climbs Stairs

Eli Plays with Sophie and gets into Kneeling

Ruby Makes Raspberries

Eli’s 1st First Bump



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