I Can Has VBAC?

20140120-213854.jpgAt nearly 30 weeks pregnant, we were beginning to feel like we had a plan…at least as good a one you can have in our situation.
We have a crib, we have a bassinet, Wyatt’s name is on the wall over his bed. It’s official.
I still need to pack a bag, order the cord blood kit, and figure out how in the heck we are all going to sleep in this house (that’s another post…).

But with our birth plan up in the air, and opposition to our VBAC plan, things feel like they are beginning to unravel.
It doesn’t help that we got more unsupportive news at the MFM appointment we had on Monday.
He did a follow up ultrasound to check in on Wyatt, since we aren’t even sure where I will be delivering right now. And guess what? Wyatt is huge. Like hulk. He’s currently 8 days ahead and in the 78%. If he gets to be in the 90%+ then it’s an automatic c-section.
I just make big babies, guys. Eli is little now, but he arrived 5 weeks early with Down syndrome and was nearly 7lbs. He would have been huge if he stayed in any longer. I was a 12lb baby myself…so yeah…lol
I already know what this means if we plan to deliver at the hospital: my OB will say Wyatt is too big or my pelvis is too small and force me into a c-section. He will wait until I’m 36+ weeks to tell me this.
What’s worse is I can’t do anything about it. I don’t have gestational diabetes and while I’m not super health nut, I don’t eat total garbage all the time either. All I can do is try to be more thoughtful about food and pray Wyatt doesn’t decide to top the charts.

Essentially our plan is this- labor at home as long as possible and show up ready to push. Lol And here’s why- my OB isn’t super keen on a VBAC (no matter how many times he tells me he is) and while he has “agreed” to our birth plan it’s not decided until we are already in the hospital in labor.
We hired a midwife, but she had a total freak health issue which led to major abdominal surgery. We aren’t even sure what she will be able to do when the time comes.
I did call another OB and they are now working on trying to get my records transferred…so perhaps I will have a hospital VBAC afterall. What I do know is that I need to get my mind wrapped around laboring at home without pain meds for as long as I can before we go to the hospital…or I show up at the hospital later as one of those “had my baby on the way” stories.

So that’s the update. I will be 30 weeks tomorrow, my boy is huge, I’m getting a new stretchmark every day (lol!!!) and I am tired 😉 But it’s a good tired. I am just praying that all goes well for our VBAC and I can’t wait to meet our new little man. I mean, look at those cheeks!!


8 Replies to “I Can Has VBAC?”

  1. I’m not familiar with VBAC’s. However, I did labor at home with my second for as long as possible and it was not so bad. I hired a doula too and she came to the hospital. She helped soooo much. She was trained as a massage therapist and if there is any moment to have one of those on hand that is the time! lol! I have long labors and big babies too…my first was 9.2lbs and 2nd was 8.11lbs and I’m a small person lol! Guess some people just have big babies 🙂 The say though that it’s very hard for drs. to estimate size so hopefully he won’t be too big for you to have your VBAC. If you want to stay at home for as long as you can, try youtubing some of the exercises/massage techniques you can do at home to relieve the pain. There was some pressure points on the hips that my husband could massage that felt awesome during labor. Good luck!

  2. Ugh, why is finding a doctor truly supportive of VBACs so hard? I especially hate the forced c-section for “big baby” since ultrasounds this late in pregnancy can be off by as much as 2 lbs! Anyway, I really hope something works out for you to VBAC! (I just want to send everyone to my doctors.)

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