Thanksgiving and Holidays

Just as soon as we visited the pumpkin patch, it feels like we are putting up our Christmas tree!
Thanksgiving was awesome and uneventful. Spent time with family, cleaned the house, and worked on photography sessions I had scheduled. (My photos stuff is really picking up- getting paid to do something I love? awesome!!) We were boring and I loved it.
It’s so hard to get back to work on Monday when you are spoiled with a whole week off. But I did enjoy my time being a pretend SAHM.

This Christmas is going to be tiny. The kids don’t need a lot and Eli is into everything. I put a small 4ft tree up (thanks Anne!!) and he has already tried to pull it off the table.
We put a light-up snowman by our door and called our house “done”. Sad, I know. But it’s a toddler friendly Christmas, which means we are a little less festive than I like it to be.
It doesn’t help that I am halfway through my pregnancy and tired. I love to decorate for Christmas, but this year our house is sort of sad.

In other news, Eli was accepted to the Rise School in Houston. It’s an amazing private school located in Houston. About 65% of their students have Ds while the remaining are typically developing.
It’s such an incredible opportunity, but I’m fearful it won’t work out well. Eli would have to be up before he typically wakes and out of the house no later than 6:45. If traffic is good (HA!) then he might arrive by 8:00am for class, but who knows?
Then he will be there all day until 2:30.
We live a least an hour away from the school…it would mean an entire day of driving around Houston. And by the time he would arrive home, we wouldn’t have time for is other therapies.
We are looking into the finacial aid options as well, because the monthly tuition is more than our mortgage. Fun stuff.
If we lived closer it would be a no-brainer, but I’m just not sure. I feel frustrated because there is not another schooling option for him besides PPCD. Of course I know he will do well no matter what, but that drive to get him the best pushes me to try.
We originally applied to the school not knowing where we would be in 2014, and because the wait list is typically long. But he was accepted much faster than anticipated. I guess we will just wait and see what happens. 😦

Not much else is going on. I’m offically 23 weeks pregnant and feeling good.
We are watching the weather because a cold front is supposed to hit…all the kids are finally well, so fingers crossed we won’t get it too bad this time around.


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