Eli Taking Steps!

Eli has been doing so awesome! Lately, he will stand for a few seconds without any help, he’s cruising both ways on furniture, and loves to pull up and stand on everything!
He still has what Aunt TT calls his “janky crawl”, which is a 3 point crawl. So we started taking him to get acupressure treatments about two months back. While he has not changed the way he crawls, he is perfectly capable of crawling properly. The infant massage has helped with his alignment, his brain/limb coordination, and building strength/awareness in the weaker side of his body.
I believe this directly affects cognition and motor function.
This video is the proof!
Two months ago he wouldn’t cruise to the left or try to stand independently, but now he is trying to walk!

After a long week at work, this was exactly what this mama needed to see today.
So proud of him and all he has accomplished so far! 🙂


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