Feeding Therapy- Sitting Pretty

We have been revamping how we feed Eli and how to make him as successful as possible. Some new stuff we have learned this week? That he is one fiesty boy!
Our SLP suggested giving him his own spoon to hold. He promptly threw it on the floor.
She said that if he does that, then he doesn’t get another one.
Then he started to throw food and sling food that he could grab- even knocking over an entire bowl of stew on Sunday. -_-
Fun stuff!
When he is stuffy, forget about feeding him at all. lol
And when he is really being difficult, we can break out a jar of baby food and pretend to scoop his dinner from it. Even if it’s not what was in the jar, he thinks it comes from there and happily eats it up. I didn’t realize he even knew what the jars were! That sneaky little boy!
Some days he does awesome- self feeds, and chows down on all his food. Other days, we have to sing, play movies and fight him to eat. But we are getting there and we are so proud of how far he has come so quickly!

We decided to up our game. We recently bought a new high chair. This is Eil in his chair before: photo 1
It’s a Graco booster. He is slightly reclined in it (it does not adjust to sit up straight at all). As a booster, he has no foot rest (though as a high chair, there is a foot rest but he cannot reach it). We don’t use the tray at the table because it doesn’t fit. But even with the tray on, he can pull his legs up in his chair and bend all sorts of ways while sitting for meals.
Our SLP said this positioning is super poor when it comes to getting focused on eating.

This is Eli in his new chair. It is a Svan Signet High Chair: photo 4 What a difference it makes!! So many reasons I love this chair! It is much much smaller than it looked online. It fits, with the tray, at the table and matches my furniture. It has a cushion but it was in the wash. It is completely adjustable, so it grows with him (see the video below). The best part? He sits just like he would if he were sitting in a chair. Back and legs at a 90 degree angle, with feet firmly planted on a surface. He cannot, no matter how hard tries, pull his legs up in the chair. 🙂 Happy mama!

We are very hopeful that this will help his feeding. The chair is new, and we are waiting for our SLP to come see it, but from the pictures I sent her, she is pleased 🙂 And so are we! He’s been stuffy this week, so we can’t tell if it’s made a difference or not. I will keep you updated. Love this chair and now I want one for Ruby! 🙂
photo 2


8 Replies to “Feeding Therapy- Sitting Pretty”

    1. I seriously love the chair!! And even though Eli is a bit stuffy, he’s more willing to eat than he ever was before. I think it has a lot to do with the way he’s sitting in the chair! 🙂

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