Guys, I seriously wanted to spend some of my blogging time sharing about my recent ultrasound and some pictures of the family, but late last night before I went to bed, my Facebook feed was filling up with Sephora and Kat Von D’s new line of makeups. One lipstick in particular has got a lot of people upset and for good reason.
A nude lipstick named “Celebutard” is actually being sold as a real product.
Think about that for a second. Yup. That’s really the name of the lipstick.

I hesitated last night to even post about it for fear of being seen as too sensitive or fussing over something that doesn’t really matter. But I woke this morning more encouraged to post than ever. It does matter. Words matter. What kind of message are you sending when you label a makeup product that uses an offensive term? That degrades people with dsibilities? Who benefits from that? Why would you want to associate yourself with a product like that? Who on earth was on that design team?! And actually thought that would be a good marketing plan?

It’s just a lipstick…right?
Think about the girls that are out there buying that product because Kat is cool and has tattoos. What message does it send about words? That they really don’t mean anything? That they don’t matter? That no one really gets hurt? Think about your child using that word to describe others…or being described by that word. Kat Von D and Sephora are big names and with such comes a big responsibility. Shame on them!

The word retard or retarded is not used properly anymore, so yes it does matter. Because if something or someone is retarded, it is stupid and worthless. Because being retarded is a horrible thing to be. That’s how the world uses this word now. So let’s get real. I’m not being overly sensitive and I don’t need to let this one go.
The message you send buy continuing to sell this product is clear- you don’t care and you have zero respect for others. It’s hateful and shameful.

If you care, let your voice be heard. I encourage you to sign the petition below. Don’t buy Celebutard. Don’t support the sell of this product!


EDIT: Thank you to those who supported this great cause! Sephora has removed the lipstick from their website and shelves! 🙂


2 Replies to “#dontbuycelebutard”

  1. I guess there really is no such thing as political correctness or even just common sense anymore. I’ll freely admit that I’ve said the “r” word before, nearly everyone in my generation probably has, but I cringe when I hear it said now. You certainly don’t need to “let this one go.” Sephora really should know better. Petition signed.

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