Wyatt Michael

So I guess everyone is wondering how everything went?
We had the MaterniT21 test performed at 10.5 weeks. 2 weeks later the results came in. All we knew at that appointment was that the baby did not have T13, T18, T21. We had a *very* quick u/s and then we went home with the gender in a sealed envelope. I passed that precious piece of paper off until we were ready to look.
At that appointment the doctor let us know that he had to offer the NT scan since it is the “standard of care”. I was confused, because we had just been informed that our newest addition was healthy. The NT scan would look for an enlarged nucal fold and other markers of Ds…so why offer it after we had just performed superior testing?
It’s all because MaterniT 21 isn’t the standard yet. I sure hope it becomes that way soon!!

It was hard to wait, but so worth it.
We were surrounded with some close family and friends when we found out. We popped a black balloon to reveal BLUE confetti and I couldn’t have been more surprised. Apparently I have bad mother’s intuition: I literally had just dreamt it was a girl!!

It was simple. It was fun. We are blessed.

We chose the name Wyatt Michael. It was an easy choice but left me feeling conflicted, as I was with Eli’s name. When you are naming a baby with Down syndrome, it somehow takes on a new meaning- family name? what will the family think? will the person feel honored?
Ultimately, we prayed a lot and found the perfect name for our little light baby. I couldn’t imagine him having any other name.
And now, knowing we are having another boy, we have decided to use part of Barry’s name. Barry, of course, is so proud that it’s another boy. I’m happy. I wanted Eli to have a brother and now Ruby will be the sweet sweet spoiled princess 😉 Everyone wins.

I wanted to thank everyone who had supported us and celebrated our growing family. I think we are still in shock.

Pregnancy wise, Wyatt is well and I am sick as a dog. I was just hospitalized this week for dehydration and illness. I’ve been fighting off a nasty head cold and I can’t seem to shake it. I can’t smell, cant taste, can’t breathe from my nose. I have a cough and just feel puny. I tried to work on Monday but couldn’t make it through the day. I went to see my OB for a check up and more meds but before I could do anything else, I was sent to the hospital. My OB was worried- been sick for too long. So that was a fun day. I woke up feeling a bit better but still can’t breathe.

Pregnancy wise- We are floating along as scheduled. I am starting to feel him roll, poke and flutter which is cool. That was always my favorite part.

We are finally getting some fall weather so naturally we took the kids to the pumpkin patch and have all the windows open. When “fall” comes to Texas, we put fleece blankets on the bed, burn one fire, and pretend the leaves are changing 🙂
I guess not much else is going on in our world. I’m beginning Christmas shopping, getting the hang of our new schedule and trying to craft when I can.


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