Home Study and Update

We just had our official home study this morning. I think it went well! We spent four days preparing- cleaning the carpet, changing out batteries on the smoke detectors, child-proofing, cleaning and generally worrying over what it would be like.
Much less stressful than we thought.
She was very nice and went through everything! So glad we cleaned! She even looked in our fridge lol
But in general it felt comfortable and we just tried to be ourselves.

She comes back for a follow up soon and then we just wait for our court date.
We also had our background check on Monday, so I think we have everything checked off the list.

Ruby’s tummy issues have vanished. She is starting to show her sweet personality and we are loving it. She has like one time a day where she decides to cry for no reason but is generally happy. She loves her paci, her swaddle and her swing. She’s also trying to self soothe to sleep which is cool to see. She’s come a long way and we are excited to see her true self come out (easier when you feel better, huh?).

Eli’s side stepping all over the place and even trying to stand independently for a few seconds. We took him last weekend to an acupressure treatment for his right leg. She was so accurate in her reading of him! Nothing makes you feel better than when a stranger tells you how bright your son is and can say specific things about him when she’s never met him. Proud mama.
We will definitely be taking him back to see if there is any improvement. We want his brain talking more efficiently with his right leg. So we will see! 🙂

We start with our new ECI program- they seem easier to work with but of course I am anxious. It’s a change and we don’t want him to go too long between services. Pray for our new therapists and a smooth transition.

Baby three is doing well. We find out the gender a week from Sunday and I couldn’t be more excited! Part of me is hoping for a girl cause I LOVE my girl name, but I feel like our family might be more complete with two boys and a girl.
It’s tough. In my heart, I want a brother for Eli. Someone to take him under his wing (like Eli will ever let that happen lol). But then I sit back and I push our family further. Maybe two girls and two boys is “complete”. 🙂 I know. I’m crazy.
Either way all we want is healthy. Gods plan, not mine.

It has been gently suggested to me that I might be gaining a bit quick in this first trimester (which I think I officially graduated from this week), but I did with Eli too. I don’t have morning sickness and I’m on leave. Once I get back to work I think I will even out (those kiddos keep you on your toes!). But as my wonderful friends reminded me, I’m pregnant, it’s awesome, who cares about the rest? 🙂

Speaking of which, I start back on Monday and silly me decided to take a tumble in the yard today. I twisted my ankle bad enough to bruise it. Hurts badly. So that will be fun to stand all day on.

I hope everyone is having a happy Friday! That’s our little update for now. 🙂 our next update will be a gender reveal!


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