Just for Fun

Making: a bebe.

Cooking: more macaroni and cheese than is probably healthy.

Drinking: crystal lite added to water, otherwise I wouldn’t find time to drink enough water in a day.

Reading: fellow bloggers entries- it’s all I have time for and I enjoy it. 🙂

Wanting: more alone time with Barry.

Looking: like a hot mess these days…shower much?

Playing: with my children- totally awesome.

Wasting: time worrying.

Sewing: sweet gifts for a friends.

Wishing: for more time at home with my children.

Enjoying: a quiet rainy day.

Waiting: for the perfect job for Barry and our family.

Liking: that our internet and tv were down- I got to read a book!

Wondering: what the future holds…

Loving: watching Ruby’s personality begin to shine through.

Hoping: for an easy transition back to work.

Marvelling: in the little things.

Needing: sleep. Always needing sleep.

Smelling: the smell of “morning” lingering.

Wearing: PJ’s- official mom attire.

Following: my heart and trusting God’s plan.

Noticing: more grey hairs…

Knowing: it will all be ok.

Thinking: one day I will have it all figured out. Maybe.

Feeling: grateful.

Bookmarking: everything that looks cool on Pinterest. I have a problem.

Opening: my mind to the future.

Giggling: at Eli’s giggles- they are the best.


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