Non-Classic CAH

Got the call yesterday from TCH that Ruby does in fact have CAH. She has Non-Classic CAH which is a more mild form that will affect her later in life. It’s so mild she won’t need any treatment or special care except to be monitored for symptoms or changes as she grows.
I’m down with that.
What else is new? I’m enjoying my last few weeks of time with the kiddos and soaking in all the love for baby #3. 🙂
I am busy doing typical mom stuff, cleaning, cooking, playing with the kids, updating my iphone (yay!) and taking TONS of pictures.
Eli decided he was ready for only one nap so we have been adjusting his schedule, Ruby is calming down and has been much more fun to be around, and I can stop hiding my growing baby bump.

Anyway, just a quick update. Life is about to get busy again, so this rainy quiet day is much appreciated.


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