Raine and Monet

Raine and Monet
Can I take a moment to brag on one of my favorite children’s shops?
I use Facebook for networking and keeping up with friends, but my IG is where I share pictures and our every day life. It’s dangerous because there are TONS of IG shops and I follow them all! Lol
Raine and Monet is one of them. I admire her philosophy, her style and her talent. Her clothing and accessories are unique. I’ve never seen anything like them!
This week I had the opportunity to try one of their new shirts from their fall line which launched today!
When I got my package I was too excited lol I think I literally said “eeeep!!!”

The shirt we got says “Always be loud”. Love. It’s perfect for Eli. 🙂
The shirt is of very fine quality. It’s so plush and soft I want to wear it! The sizing is perfect and Eli is styling like no other. We are proud to support small businesses like Raine and Monet!

The best part? It’s not just for children- they carry adult sizes as well! I’m sold. 😉

“Rad clothing for everyone”
“Be seen AND heard”

Go check them out- their new fall line is fun and selling out quickly!
Raine and Monet





7 Replies to “Raine and Monet”

      1. I’m so proud of him!!! I’m doing well, I’m going to Punta Cana on Sunday and I start Texas Children’s oct 7th.

      2. I’m going on vacation in Punta Cana and I think I told you I’ll be working at Texas children’s in the medical center, right?

      3. Oh that’s right!! So jealous!! And when we go to TCH it’s always in the woodlands. 😦 but I know we will be seeing you again soon 😉 have fun on your vacation! I need one so bad!! Lol

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