Video Spam

I haven’t updated on what we have been doing with Eli since before Ruby Roo arrived! Most of these videos are family fun- updates for the grandparents 😉 But some of it is therapy so I will begin with that!

This is Eli taking his first assisted steps! This is huge!! Like really big! He’s been trying to stand and pull up on everything. Getting more brave and standing one-handed, reaching for far-off objects, and trying to come to us. He’s been weightbearing for a while, but he’s never coordinated steps like this before. So so exciting!! 🙂

Speech therapy- working on signs and words. His newest word- “bubbles”!

Showing us working on side stepping with his sure steps, as well as some self feeding 🙂 His feeding has gotten a lot better. I can’t wait for him to begin exploring new textures and table foods. 🙂 Big boy!

Summer fun- this kid loves the water! We just set up the water table his Nona and Papa got him- so neat!

Trying to introduce the idea of a baby sister to Eli. He’s not convinced this is something he needs to care about…but he does want all her things 😉 and is starting to love more on his baby doll. He’s such a good big brother.

Last one I swear! 😉 Just some fun family videos from our summer. Love this kid so much!


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