Amicus Attorney

This is a vent. One I am happy to be able to even complain about but a vent nonetheless. You have been warned.

In the months and days leading up to Ruby’s arrival we had little interaction with our lawyer except to pay her and plan for Ruby’s birth. She was very very helpful in answering questions and getting the initial paperwork set up, but as far as the adoption is concerned, there isn’t much to do until the baby is born.
We knew there were legal steps we would have to take once she got here but now that she is here, it’s like the flood gates opened and our lawyer dumped all these tasks on us.
Of course we are happy to take care of everything the court is requesting but it is stressful because we now have a newborn and she’s been keeping us busy!
The tasks that are the most frustrating are the homestudy and the fact-checking the court has to do.
The homestudy will be done in two parts- both *after* Ruby has already been living in our home! It seems backwards because you would think the homestudy would initially be performed before she arrived to make sure our home was adequate.
I’m definitely not worried about the study itself and our lawyer has prepared us for what to expect but feels overwhelming.

The other issue I have is with the fact-checking. It’s something you would assume was done prior to Ruby’s arrival. Our amicus attorney came to our place this week for a home visit. It was to insure that we did actually live here and that Ruby has a room in the house that is appropriate. That’s a good thing to check for sure lol
She will also be calling the birth parents to confirm that they are who they say they are and that they willingly signed their parental rights over.
Obviously also something that should be done- but the paperwork that the birth parents signed states that they will no longer be part of any proceedings or decisions made for Ruby.
It just feels like these things should have been done before we brought her home.
She’s been here for 4 weeks already!

Ok rant over.
I know they have a job to do and we just want to take care of what we are supposed to take care of.
So now we have to go get finger printed and background checked.

We are working on a new schedule for Miss Rubes so that our goal of her sleeping through the night in the next few months will be a reality. I will let you know how that goes….lol
So far we have her on a 3 hour feeding schedule. We are going to change it to 4 hours and 2 at night. Plus try to work on soothing techniques that help Ruby self soothe. 🙂 yup. Ambitious. We know. But we have to try 🙂
Now, I need to go save Eli from the tv. He *might* watch too much and too close these days (he likes to stand right in front of it!!!). Busy house!!!


4 Replies to “Amicus Attorney”

  1. You are so right, all this checking seems backwards. Hopefully it is all sorted soon so you can tick this off your already very full list. Thinking of you so much lately and hoping you are taking care of ‘you’ as well. You are one strong mama!

    1. Thanks girl. 🙂 “me” doesn’t exist right now lol but I’m working on it!!
      Like I said, grateful to even get the opportunity- feeling blessed and tired lol
      Continuing to lift you and the bean up!!! 🙂

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