Girlie Glue

Before we had even begun to consider adoption, I had always day dreamed about a girl. I wanted the bows, the makeup, the pink! I would pin things to a secret board on Pinterest hoping that maybe some day we would be blessed with our own little girlie nugget.
Well obviously that time has come and can I just say, OMG THE PINK? My poor boys! 😉

Anyway, during one of my late night Pinterest sessions, I ran across a product called Girlie Glue. I pinned it and crossed my fingers that one day I would be able to put that glue to use.

Later, in my excitement over our adoption, I began to follow SAHM shops on IG, gushing over girlie bows and handmade dresses. A favorite shop of mine, Raine and Monet has a fun side-shop where she sells handmade bows. They are adorable and I was instantly hooked. One day she posted about Girlie Glue and it reminded me of my long ago pin on Pinterest.
It was time to test out this genius product!

Miss Ruby Roo has a super tiny head, so while we are swimming in bows and headbands, she’s not quite ready to wear even the smallest of what I have. Girlie Glue to the rescue!
This stuff is amazing! I tested it out as soon as I opened the package. One small dab of glue and my little girl was styling.

The glue is thick, clear and tacky. I felt safe using it because it is made with Agave nectar and other all natural ingredients (no honey). I placed a dab of glue directly on the bow, then pressed that only Ruby’s sweet little noggin.
The glue held Ruby’s bow to her head through family and friends passing her around all day, fussy screaming fits, and her night time squirming (yes I left it on over night). The next day the bow lasted through her well-check at the doctor’s office and all the way up until bathtime.
I’m officially impressed.
At bathtime, I simply dabbed a bit of water at the base of the bow and gently pushed the bow downward with the direction of her hair growth. It came right off.
The remaining glue on her scalp was easily removed with warm water.

I’m completely sold and have been using Girlie Glue every day since.
It did take some adjusting to get it just right. If I wasn’t careful, it was the most pliable right after application. My advice- just let it set for a few minutes before trying to put the glue through the ringer.
The other issue I ran into was that I only put a dab of glue on the center of the bow. It spun around in a circle a few times before I removed it and added glue to the ends of the bow as well. Problem solved. This could have also been due to not letting it set for a few minutes after applying the bow to her head.

Girlie Glue is also great for older children- just pull back those bangs and tack on a bow that will hold all day long! And don’t forget the boys! Help hold on a cap!
For more ideas on how to use Girlie Glue check them out on Instagram!

So I know you are just ITCHING to go out and order your own tube now! And I think you should! Girlie Glue costs $5.99 a tube, and you can add on an adorable assorted bow package (with the cutest and tiniest bows you’ve ever seen!!) for less than $4.00!
OR you could win one here on my blog! Yup! Pretty awesome! 🙂

Simply comment below with your email address. One lucky winner will be chosen via!
Contest begins 8/19/13 and ends 8/24/13

A big thank you to Girlie Glue for sponsoring this give-away!


Congrats to Laura Hollander who won the girlie glue!


12 Replies to “Girlie Glue”

  1. Never heard of this!!! I would love to try some on my five year old, Mary. Nothing stays in her thin hair. And she ends up taking them out.

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