-Two babies in diapers is cray cray
-Not going to lie, I wish Barry didn’t have to go find a job so he could stay home and help me all day 😉
-Girls are way different than boys…obviously…but little mama is drama! (And has a banshee scream from hell!! Lol)
-There are things I love about the newborn stage but I mostly don’t like it. It’s hard! Lol sorry, gotta be honest. I love love love my new nugget, but mama likes to sleep too 😉
-Eli is not thrilled about a new baby in the house…but he’s warming up to her.
-After my c-section I swore I wanted a VBAC…after catching Ruby on Monday, I may have changed my mind…
-Having a newborn that actually sleeps gives me an inflated sense of accomplishment as a mom. I showered today and I think I went a week one time when Eli was born because that kid didn’t ever sleep! I’m sure she will knock me down to size soon.
-Second baby is way different- we had non stop visitors in the hospital and at home. This time around has been much more peaceful.
-My heart *does* have room for two! Never thought I could love so fiercely. ❤

I want to update more, but this is all I have time for right how 🙂
Thank you again for all the love!! Check me out on Instagram for updated pictures, because right now that's all I have time for!


12 Replies to “Reflections”

  1. Oh girl, I’m so happy for you and your adorable little family!!! I am reliving when my 2nd was born, just 20 months after Ty…oy! Lol that was a huge adjustment. hang in there super mama! Nobody is better suited to be their mom than you!

  2. I’m usually off computer for four months with newborns. Shower AND a post–I’m impressed. But yes the lil ones do sleep more at first sometimes…

    Sweeeeeet post and enjoy. Dictate posts or just pics; whatever works and congrats

    Yes, dads do stay a week or two sometimes and you DO need it

    Good to hear you are deciding about siblings & more kiddies this soon. Hubbie wanted ten like her after our first but after number two–not as much!

    Hugs and kisses. Happy juggling & recovery & growth & bonding to you all!!

  3. I hear ya! The newborn stage, as wonderful as it is, is probably the most difficult. Of course, any change in a family is stressful, no matter how “prepared” you are. For me, it was bittersweet. I cried when Ethan hit two months because he wasn’t as tiny and had changed so much within the first 30 days, yet at the same time, I was relieved we were beginning to fall into a routine, and things became a bit more predictable. I made sure to savor every moment, because I remember with Sean, I was just so anxious for him to reach the next milestone, I sometimes forgot to live in the present and enjoy it for what it was, good or bad, because they just grow too fast! At least with Ruby, you’re not recovering from childbirth AND surgery, which also makes things more challenging, and your hormones are not running amok!

    I’ve been trying to get on Instagram to see your photos- sometimes they are visible on my computer, and sometimes they are not. Not sure why, but if anything, I will see if I can get the ipad app and follow you just to see the pictures! I cannot wait to meet Ruby and see you guys very soon!!! Love you! 🙂

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