Ruby Update

Tonight is our last night as a family of three. We will drop Eli off in just a few short hours and head to the hospital. 🙂 Tonight or tomorrow we will be meeting the sweet girl we have been praying for. My heart is full to bursting right now- I really can’t believe this is happening!

Family: We will be sending out texts to update you. If you do not get an update, please let us know. (Our experience with Eli was that group messages didn’t always go through and cell service was spotty. We don’t want anyone to be out of the loop). Please know that it is important to us that you are involved and visitors are always welcome! We know you are just as excited as we are.
Because the induction is scheduled for 8pm, it is unlikely that we will know much until early in the morning. So hang on to your phones or come join us at the hospital on Monday morning as we all wait on pins and needles. 😉

We love you all very much and thank you for your support! We can’t wait to share her with everyone! 🙂
I want to lift up the same prayer I posted on FB because I feel like this is my anthem for the next few days.

Father God- I lift up our sweet and amazing birth mom today. I pray that her labor will go smoothly with no complications, that she will stay strong physically and emotionally today. I pray for wisdom for the doctors and I ask that your hands wrap around Ruby- protect her, bring her to us safely and healthy. Clarity for all involved. Prepare our hearts today!


4 Replies to “Ruby Update”

  1. So so so excited for you, hubby and Eli. What an exciting time and I will be keeping little Ruby in my thoughts as she comes into this amazing world to meet her new parents and brother. All the best….hugs 🙂

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