The fun never ends over here!
Barry’s position where he worked for the last 6 years was dissolved at the end of May. After taking a break and a summer vacation, he has been actively searching for a job for about 3 weeks. Last week he go a call from a recruiter about a company who was interested in him. They had a phone interview, which went well, and they will now be doing an in-person interview. In another state. As in NOT Texas.
Now obviously no job offer has been made, but we are very excited about the potential. My friends all tell me not to worry because no job offer has even been made, but you all know me. I want to be prepared. My mind is going a million miles an hour. Thoughts like: Do we take the first job he is offered, or hold out for something closer?
Then more selfish thoughts like: I have to make new friends, I won’t have my family here to visit with or help me, who will cut my hair?! (good hairdressers are hard to find!!), I don’t know a thing about this particular state (except that Texas rocks, obviously), my photography business will be put on hold, and the list goes on…
Not to mention I will have a newborn and a 15 month old, so it’s unlikely I will be going on any play dates or getting out to meet new people for a while.
Then important adult-like issues: EI services, how this potential move would affect our adoption, renting/selling our house and buying/renting another one, and my job…I feel so established there. I worked hard for my position and I love love love what I do. I would have to leave my team, my school, my kids, my projects, my ideas. I’ve debated over my feelings about staying home and having a career since I began college (see tag “the job” lol)- on the one hand I have worked so hard for my job, and to leave it to stay at home seems overwhelming and scary. Will I be good at it, will I be bored, will I go crazy?
I’m trying to ignore all of this and focus on Ruby’s impending birth. Barry’s interview is on Thursday, so wish us luck and I will let you know how it all goes!! 🙂


6 Replies to “Moving?”

  1. I have been exactly where you are. I was there over 4 years ago when my husband was contemplating a job offer that would have us move to Minnesota from Delaware. It was a huge jump–different climate, knowing NO ONE or where anything was. I was pregnant at the time, but didn’t know that Owen would have Ds. We took the leap–it was the right thing for the hubs’s career. I had every intention of going back to work as a teacher, but O’s heart surgery was scheduled to happen right at the beginning of a new school year. So I made the change to be a SAHM. I enjoy it–a lot. It works for our family. I made friends with lots of moms by doing community and family ed. classes. I found other moms of kiddos with special needs by going to school district spec. ed. events and chatting with others at our private therapy center. I found my way around and now know all the short cuts.

    I know it seems scary to leave everything you know and venture to a new place, but I’ll bet you’ll be OK.

    Feel free to email me if you need to talk this out.

  2. Oh Ashley! I haven’t been reading every post lately but Some great posts of yours always here & there. I am so excited and nervous for you!!

    Moving is tricky but you can do it. Try to stay (or bring extended family?! Wink wink!) but be brave and risk moving despite the huge changes & path to new doctors therapists & friends.

    Remember you may move back or again, if at first you don’t succeed….

    However I am THRILLED for your family (and us–maybe more blogging??!) that you are planning to stay home! THAT IS EXCITING!!! Don’t worry about being bored–as a teacher you can always sub and jump back in.

    YES finding the right position is TOUGH but can you take a sabbatical because of your daughter? If so then do that and you have a year to decide–well 7 months or until you give notice for next year. Either way, you can jump back in part time (lots of teachers are job sharing in Los Angeles), as a sub or tutor — your skills and patience will get you and outstanding position, in education or organizing kids/parent groups to have FUN & support families.

    Good luck just finding the right position and deciding. Happy changes!!

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah I haven’t had time to blog as much lol but maybe as a SAHM I will 😉 we will see! I get 12 weeks with Ruby if we stay here so that is a good thing. And I know I can definitely find a job if I have to. That’s the beauty of teaching for sure.
      Thanks as always for reading along and encouraging me. 🙂

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