Things have begun to settle down as we enter the last few weeks before we become a family of four. It’s a bit strange to think about. Barry says he thinks it feels that way because I’m not actually pregnant, so it’s different. Maybe that is the reason, but I also think it is because all we know is life with Eli. Things sure will be different once Ruby gets here.

We have most of the legal paperwork in order, cord blood kit is on it’s way, bags are packed, working with the doula on a birth plan…we are just waiting.

I finished up thank you cards for Ruby’s shower last night. It still moves me to tears to think about all the love and support we have gotten through this process. Thank you so so much to everyone! We have amazing friends and family for sure.

I recently joined an adoptive parent support group on FB (they have groups for everything these days!!) And it has pushed me even more into the idea of adoptive breastfeeding. If you followed our story with Eli, you know how important I feel like that relationship is. Because I am not actually carrying her, I long even more for the connection that breastfeeding provides.
I spoke with my lactation consultant about it early on, and did some research, but then let it kind of go to the back of my mind.
Breastfeeding nearly killed me last time- I was so tired all the time, and got sick often. It was very rough but so worth it.
I don’t know how much more prepared I am this time around, but I would like to try. If I can’t do it, then I won’t. But the new group I am a part of has really inspired me to try. I will be trying a quick protocol, so I will keep everyone updated on the fun of all that 😉 I know you want to know.

In other news, therapy is going well. Eli is so clever and impresses me daily. Today we worked on sorting shapes, putting things in and out of a bucket, and making animal sounds/signs when reading books. We also got AFO’s and SMO’s- we have been seeing a HUGE increase in his desire to want to stand and pull on objects since using them. He is a hardworking observer and we are so proud of him.

I’ve been working in my classroom and have a few photog sessions booked. I also got a head start on Ruby’s scrap book and I am nearly finished with Eli’s. I’ve had extra time lately because I haven’t been sleeping very well. I’m not sure if it’s anxiety or what, but I am just not tired when it’s time to go to bed. So instead I sew, craft and spend money lol This can’t be a trend for too long…I’m going to be in trouble! (I’be also created a secret board on Pinterest where I pin all my dream house ideas…because Barry IS going to get an awesome job soon and we ARE going to build a beautiful house on some land lol) Speaking of which, Barry is working hard at finding a job, and we finally own a printer. lol I guess that is it for now. 🙂 No new ultrasound pictures, as Miss Ruby Roo has been camera shy the last few times we have gone for a visit.
Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

For more information on adoptive breastfeeding go to: Ask Lenore


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